March 25, 2011

Quilting & Elizabeth

I loaded Kristie's quilt onto the frame this a.m. I wanted to try my Martilli's Zip Clip to load this quilt. Click on the picture, and you can see the clips on the leader. You will also see some straight pins---the zip clips did not work. :o( Once I started tensioning the quilt backing, the zip clips slipped out of position. Well, so much for that idea.

Some of Deloa Jones leaves on the borders.

Gingo disk design and free motion in the center of the large blocks.


In 1998 Life magazine did an article on Elizabeth Taylor and her upcoming brain tumor surgery. I couldn't help but notice the pretty quilt covering her as she lay in her hospital bed. I wondered do you suppose she's a quilter?

I wrote to her and received a nice reply along with an autographed picture. I've always thought that it was very kind of her to have her personal secretary to send a reply considering her health at the time. I must admit I also was a tad disappointed she was not a quilter, but she must have loved this quilt someone made especially for her. Goodbye lovely lady. You will be missed.


Wanna play ball?
Sweet Sassy

March 19, 2011

30's Quilted

I finished quilting my friends 30's print quilt. I used the Circle Lord Swirls in the center of the quilt top, and feathers on the border. I won't attempt this method again! It turned out to be somewhat difficult to stop at the seam line of where the center panel of the quilt meets the border. From now on when using a panto or template and it's "edge to edge" all the way. Oh well--- tried a new thing, and learned a new thing!

I love how it turned out though---hope she does too.

Do you think a puppy can ever have too many toys!

Sassy 3 months

March 12, 2011

Feathers, Swirls & Sassy

I'm learning how to do spineless feathering from Elaine Huffman's book, "Crisscross Dancing Feathers". I think I've found a wonderful feather-niche with these! After some practicing I could manuver the corners. Yeah! In the past curving around corners has been a challenge. Also, no marking and no spine with these feathers!

This is a friends quilt I'm doing. She initially wanted small swirls in each four inch block. That was pretty tight quilting, and getting each four inch swirl evenly spaced as I curved around was not much fun either. So, I convinced her to let me use the larger swirls instead. I like how it looks so far.

Sassy had her second series of puppy shots on Wednesday. She now weighs 4.1 ounces. I think the point 1 must be her long fur! The vet seemed to think she would weigh between 10 and 12 lbs. when she's fully grown. She is learning to "sit". Potty training is still hit and miss! She has adjusted to wearing her collar, but now hates her leash!

March 11, 2011

What's Happening on Timber Hill is So Very Unimportant

I planned to blog today about what is on the frame, a new picture of Sassy, and even mention the weather. But, quite literally everything in my life on this particular day is so unimportant in this moment of time considering what is happening to the families in Japan. It's difficult to even comprehend this disaster. Counting my blessings, and praying for the people of Japan.

March 04, 2011

Fresh Off the Frame

This star quilt top was made by my friend Joyce. I quilted it with one of my favorite Jodi Beamish pantographs, "Butterfly Garden". I like the small overall scale of this charming pantograph, and that it is a continuous design the width and length of the pantograph paper. It fills all the "nooks & crannies" as they say--- beautifully as you move from a heart up into a swirl then into a leaf or a butterfly, and before you know it you have the quilting completed.


Sassy out on the lawn today!

March 02, 2011

Quilting Finished

Linda M. sent me this top to be quilted. This is her first Quilt of Valor top, and it was a joy to quilt. Love the fabrics!

I couldn't blog without posting an updated picture of "Sassy"! 10 weeks old today!