December 25, 2014

Christmas Wishes

To Everyone, may your Christmas be Merry, and your New Year blessed with good health & happiness.

December 08, 2014


Soon after I made this tumbler quilt I purchased another GO cutter….I know, I know, I'm not a fan of the GO cutter, but for certain shapes, like the tumbler, it works very well.  I love how it cuts reference notches, and makes it so easy to sew the tumblers together accurately, and it certainly saves a lot of time.

So, I've made my excuses as to why I have another die cutter.

I can't make any excuses really for not quilting much lately except to say November seemed like a very busy month around here.  Lots of food shopping, cooking, family dinners and laundry---lots of laundry.   I now know how many dish towels I own because I must have used every one of them!

I'm not complaining, I love company, as it can get lonely around here in the woods.

We actually don't live that far off of the main road, but if you are used to paved, straight, two lane roads, then a trip to our house could be a challenge.   Of course, I will take our country road to freeway driving any day!

Freeway? ---or

Country road?

The tumbler quilt all finished except for the binding.  I tried Angela Walters swirls and pebbles…I love her quilting. My quilting---not so much love here! I have a stack of quilt tops under my long arm waiting to be quilted, so it felt really good to get this quilted yesterday afternoon.  The small dotted yellow fabric is going to be the binding. I hope to load another quilt today, and do a bit of quilting every day. My hurdle seems to be backings.  I really dislike seaming backings---and of course I won't buy wide backing fabric as I already have so much fabric I could piece for a quilt backing! ---and sew it goes around here. :o)

December 07, 2014

Tote Your Selvages

I've been saving the selvage edges of some of my fabrics for awhile, note the overflowing basket on the right of tote bag. I finally decided it was time to attempt making something besides a Mug Rug with them…. Our county has banned the use of  plastic shopping bags. This tote will be put to good use! The pattern is from an older Oct. 2009 McCalls magazine I had kept,  or can also be purchased on Craftsy. Save your Selvages!