June 14, 2009

Red Amaryllis

Over the years at the holiday season I have received beautiful Red Amaryllis as gifts. All potted and ready to grow. They are fun to watch as they send their long green stalks upward. Sometime one, or more. Topped with gorgeous red buds that open gradually displaying large red flowers usually by Christmas day. The flowers are sometime four inches in diameter. A stunning display of color!

After the blooming is completed I have usually set the potted Amaryllis outside at the potting table, knowing I won't ever get the same results next year left to my own gardening skills. I've tried in the past. But the leaves just wither, and the bulbs appear to die back, never to bloom again. Usually I end up putting them in the trash, or set them down under the table and occasionlly look for signs of new growth which never happens.

This past winter I had three very dead looking leftover Amaryllis plants sitting under the potting table, so I decided to dig some space in one of the flower beds at the end of the house where the hydrangea and poor-man orchids are growing and see what happens come Spring. What did I have to lose?

This is the surprise results!

They seem quite content there showing off their beautiful large red flowers.


marilyn said...

oh, yes, I did that with some of mine a couple of years ago and now really enjoy them in June. what a nice surprise to have Christmas this time of year.

Ramona-quilter said...

Gorgeous amaryllis, Angie. I'm so glad I found your blog. I will stop by for visits regularly.