July 23, 2013

A Walk on the Wild Side

I thought I would take you for a walk down the driveway and out to the mailbox and back.  I try to do this often, but it's a hike more than a walk. Good cardio workout, especially coming up the steep driveway.

Heading down the hill from our house. It is a beautiful hike!

Walking out to the mailboxes and back is about a mile. 
I don't do this in the evening as I worry about meeting the "critters".
Mountain lions have been spotted in this area. Darkness comes early down in the more shaded and wooded sections. 

Turn right and we are on our way----

Ivy and ferns along the way

 Look up at the mighty Oak

 We have a lot of black berries this year.

 Walking on the Wild Side!

Leaning Oak

We have mail!

  Headed back home---more wild

 Headed back up the driveway it's a steep hike

Looking down the driveway towards the east.

We are almost home---

Home is good! 

July 19, 2013

Lollipop Baby Quick Strippie Quilt

Another Quick Strippie quilt using Mary (Mollie) Johnson's pattern.  These quilts are so fun to make. Pulling fabrics here and there from my stash.  This fabric is "Lollipop Baby" by Kelly Tanner for Blue Hill fabric. The green is from my stash, the focus fabric of the lollipop babies I found on sale at Whittles Fabric a few months ago on sale.

 Measures 42" x 45"

Pantograph quilted with sm. Popcorn

This quilt is for my Baby quilt stash.

July 15, 2013

New Embroidery Project

I purchased Urban Threads "minature menagerie" machine embroidery designs several weeks ago. But, have not did a thing with the designs.  Today on one of the yahoo groups a member was having a problem with a design and her machine.  I almost always do a test stitch out of an embroidery before I start a project. I wanted to see if I would have the same problems as she was having, so this morning I did one of the designs in preparation for the planned "Nature's Curiosities" quilt.

It's all about beautiful butterflies, moths, dragonflies and insects in machine embroidery.

This is the first test stitch out on muslin. Thankfully my test went well.

My plan has been to color in the black outline of the floral elements of the designs with the Copic markers.  Here is the results. I am going to have a lot of fun with this. :o) and a few metallic threads!

I planned to use Moda's slightly off white "Snow" fabric to embrodery on, and combine the designs with Kate Spain's "Cuzco" fabrics.

Once I laid some of the fabrics next to the embroidery, I totally disliked the effect. The "Cuzco" fabrics are too bright, too busy! Pretty fabrics, but just not for this project.  I also really like the more subdued muslin instead of the snow white for the back ground of the embroideries.

So I ordered some new fabric !

 Spring Meadows seems perfect for insects!
Now, on to the embroidery part! My favorite!

July 08, 2013

Quick Strippie Finished

One Quick Strippie quilt finished.  Free motion quilted.

Approx. 42 x 48-Flannel backing. 

Quick Strippie

I've been cutting more of Mollie Johnson's Quick Strippie quilts. What fun it is to pull out those fabrics that I have never used and don't quite know why I purchased them and put them to good use. These will be donation quilts. These are the fabrics that linger in my stash, get moved around,  and now I'm  cutting them up for a Quick Strippie quilt tops. I hope to load a few of these on the frame today and get them quilted.

Cutting and sewing is fast. Here are a few pictures:

Up on the design wall. The blue dragon quick strippie is finished and ready to quilt. {Don't look to the right side of the design wall. No, I have not sewn or even considered sewing on Easy Street for months.  I know I need to finish this, or give it the toss. I think I have lost my enthusiam for this quilt because of the colors. From a distance it looks fine, but working with all the small black and white graphic prints makes my eyes go bezerk!} 

Pieced quick strippie, ready to quilt.

Happy pink and green quick strippie ready to sew.

June Taylor strip cutter. One of my favorite "tools"!

Another quick strippie quilt top in process. 

July 04, 2013

Happy 4th of July~2013

Wishing all my Family and Friends a very happy and safe 4th of July!

July 02, 2013

Machine Embroidery- Dish Towels

The latest day of the week dishtowel set is "Adorable Puppy".  This cute puppy reminds of our Sassy.

She looks like this on bath day, and if she was not afraid of cords of any kind, she would probably pull on the iron!

Sassy does love cookies!