April 14, 2014

Trigger Finger

(warning medical topic)

I don't normally mention medical issues on my Blog, but the terminology the hand specialist mentioned seems humorous in an odd way and I thought maybe some of my blogger friends had dealt with "Trigger Finger" and could give me some feedback on what they did to resolve this annoying, at times painful, condition. It certainly curtails cutting with scissor or the  rotary cutter. I really didn't realize how important Miss Pinkie is when quilting.

In December the doctor injectected cortisone at the base of right little finger tendon-- Miss Pinkie is the Trigger Finger! :o) She just curls up and does not want to move up, and when she does Miss Pinkie sounds like "snap, crackle, pop"!

It did improve a lot after December, but I think removing all the sewing room stuff and perhaps holding the paint brush, sorting and placing stuff back into the sewing room--- and now dealing with the weeds that grow in leaps and bounds each day may have irritated Miss Pinkie to the point that I needed to see doctor for  another cortisone injection today to relieve some of triggering.  Mornings and evening are the worst.

He suggested surgery if this injection did not help--- of course I would like to avoid surgery if at all possible.

I wonder if acupuncture would be helpful, or special hand exercises. Splint or gloves?  Hand massage or physical therapy?

April 09, 2014

Sewing Space---Finished!

It's Finished! At last! Yeaaah!  I started packing out stuff from the room(s) late February in preparation for the demolition of the wall between the room on March 6th.  The contractor was wonderful, and everything went well until we hit a snag with delivery of the new sewing furniture.  For three weeks the furniture lingered in a warehouse, or on a truck, back to the company dock, back on a truck and finally last week it arrived…..

(click on any photo to make it larger)

This delivery crew did a great job. 

The Before (1995 to 2014) with some changes (accumulation) over the years. 

The remodeled Sewing Space!
(16' x 13')

Please come in!
Let's Sew!
Cut or press. The cutting table rolls out, and has an extension leaf on the back for larger projects.
The Design wall moved West!

Cubbie storage, files and some stuff I just couldn't part with….

More fabric storage cubbies 
My favorite is this corner table. 

Polly, the long arm remains where she's happiest!---in the living room.

Please come back soon…….
Life is good!

March 30, 2014

Sewing Cabinets---Not

Due to a "snafu" or shall I say "a customer service rep. not paying attention to business" the sewing cabinets did not arrive as planned last Wednesday.  :o(

Sassy and I were disappointed.

This however did arrive as planned.  My eBay find. A Bernina 1090 (rare) in pristine condition! With all the accessories! I've been looking for a machine for classes/take to retreat/mini group that  has a knee lift, 5.5 narrow feed dogs ---and is not too heavy. Found! It also has the wonderful Bernina extended sewing table.  (all at a bargain price!) It sews beautifully and was just recently completely serviced at the Bernina factory! It's a beauty with not nick or scratch to be seen. :o)

I sold my little Janome portable to a new quilter! She was thrilled with it, and I'm thrilled to have found this lovely Bernina 1090. Two happy quilters! 

March 24, 2014

Part ?-Reclaiming Space and Sorting

Here we are on Monday---I feel like I'm moving in slow motion or in circles in this phase of the remodel.  Last Friday the flooring went in, and I have some of the cubbies in place.

Bill commented that the remodel was finished---LOL! I said, we'll maybe it's half finished! LOL! I guess he does not know this is the difficult part---putting everything back and finding a space for it.

The new cabinets are arriving on Wednesday which will be so helpful as I'm finding it difficult to sort and organize threads, rulers, cutters and notions with out the cabinets here---so now I'm just dealing with fabric.  Too much fabric!

Here are a few photos of what the room looks like now. Flooring in place. Waiting on blinds, waiting of cabinets.  Yes, I guess the grunge work is done. Even the windows and screens are clean! :o) Reorganizing is fun, and then not fun! Depending on how much time I debate keeping something, and if I do, where shall it go.

 Cubbies in one of the old closet spaces. Waiting for cloth containers to arrive to store scraps.
 I decided to keep the lateral file. Oh, thank goodness! I need it for patterns and embroidery disks. I hope to keep the space under the ironing table to store my Featherweight.  Smaller expandable cutting table will be near the other window.  I'm not sure about the design wall yet as I'm considering putting up smaller design walls behind the machine cabinets and on the wall behind the ironing table and move the ironing table closer to the windows. 
 This corner and down the wall to the right await the new sewing machine cabinets. Wednesday.
 Some of the give away stuff. Primer I didn't need to be returned.  The pile will be much larger tonight.
The fabric cubbies in the old closet space. I ordered a few more cubbies for up top to hold more fabric. The embroidery stabilizer holder is on the floor for now until Bill gets it hung on the back of the door. Lots of things to be rehung.

Progress is slow----but, we are getting there. I love the new paint color and the floor is so nice! It's laminate, but much quieter than expected. The installer told me they have a newer foam under pad now that really helps with the noise factor and warmth.

March 17, 2014

New LED Florescent Light

A few weeks ago I went shopping for a second florescent light for the sewing room.  I found that regular florescent fixtures are not the only choice. LED "fluorescents" are now available.  I was a bit skeptical about a tube less light fixture the claims to be florescent, but  this Lithonia wrap around fixture is sure nice!

The inside LED light strips. 4' foot fixture.

If you are looking for new fluorescents for hobby rooms or the garage, take a gander at no-bulb fixtures.

The sewing room is progressing. The room is painted with the exception of the window and door trim which I will start on tomorrow.

This "Water Drops" is an interesting color. In different lighting it seems to change from a light turquoise to an almost white to a minty green.  I think once I get the blinds up it will settle down to the light turquoise. I know I mentioned how much I love-love this Benjamin Moore Regal paint---but, I'll say it again! If painting is not your thing, this paint could make you actually like painting!