July 26, 2011

Jelly Roll Race Quilts

Except for the turquoise binding on Cosmos, the jelly roll quilts are finished. They are a wonderful palette of fabrics for machine quilting. I used the Circle Lord template boards to do the quilting. Hence the name "Cosmos" and "Sakura".

The quilts are very fun to do, and if you like surprise endings---you will enjoy doing these as you never quite know what they will look like until the final finish!

These two were made from batik jelly rolls I found on sale. I'm sorry I didn't keep the wrapper names.

"Cosmos" is very soft pretty pastel with lots of pinks, lavenders and turquoise blues. "Sakura" is a beautiful combination of dark indigo blues, teals and purples.

I think it's important in the overall appearance of these horizontal strip quilts to finish them off with a inner sashing border, and a large outer border to frame and enhance the "jelly "centers. I can also see the opportunity to embellish them with appliqué and machine embroidery motifs. I plan to do more in different color combinations.

"Cosmos" and "Sakura" Jelly Roll Quilts
71" x 53" "Sakura" batik Jelly Roll

Sakura design with Circle Lord template board
"Cosmos" Jelly Roll Quilt 63" x 74" Batik
"Cosmos" Circle Lord template board quilting

To Learn more about the Jelly Roll Race and the Fun involved in making these abstract quilts please click Here

July 22, 2011

Fleece Quilted

I finished this fleece quilt yesterday. It's a pretty soft Debbie Mumm fleece I found at JoAnn's Fabric on sale early last Spring. I couldn't resist! It finished out at 50" x 70". I used a Patricia Ritter pantograph, "Agave" with Superior Lava thread in a cocoa brown color top and bobbin. Sassy approves!

(click pic. to enlarge)
I've made several fleece quilts in the past. They are done on the long arm. Here is the link to Vivian's tutorial that inspired me to try these snuggly quilts.

July 20, 2011

Fuzzy Inventory

I've been looking for an easy to use App for simple inventorying of my long arm threads, rulers and books. One that I could upload to my iPad and have handy. "Fuzzy Inventory" seems to fit the bill so far.
Above are the thread categories I created.

I clicked on So-Fine and can see Fern is getting low. I entered that it was "low".
This is the list of So-Fine that was created in Fuzzy Inventory of all the So-Fine numbers & colors. I can list if they are getting "low", or if I have "none" or "some". I use the term "some" to let me know I have an adequate supply of a So-Fine color. The yellow bars showing next to the colors are showing me Rose Petal, It's a Girl, and Fern are getting "low". Green bars mean I have an adequate supply for the time being.

I've just started using Fuzzy Inventory, and I'm sure there are other options for listing categories and sorting them. But, with keeping it simple in mind, the "add Fuzzy Item" option works the best for me when it comes to threads. "Add Quantifiable Item" is another choice that can be used. Neat App! and it's free!

July 16, 2011

JoAnn's Quilt of Valor

This is recent Quilt of Valor that JoAnn in Ukiah, CA sent me to quilt. I think the military themed silhouette panels of fabric in the middle section of the quilt are really nice. She also did a wonderful job of adding camouflage fabric in the sashing borders. One of our soldiers is going to enjoy this quilt.

Here are some detailed pictures of the fabric panels.

(Quilted with the Circle Lord Swirls template boards)

July 08, 2011

Forever Project Finished!

As a quilter, I assume you have one of those "forever projects". You know the one you drag around to soccer games, husband is still shopping the hardware store--- you've returned to the car, dentist appointments, doctor appointments, watching TV, quilt guild business meetings, coffee clatch. Or just about anywhere you have a few moments to sit and people watch and take a few stitches. "A Patriots Dream" was one of those projects.

I love to do redwork, or any type of embroidery. To be able to incorporate it into a quilt is an added bonus. I'm sure over the years of reading my blog, you have occasionally seen pictures of this ongoing project---always listed as "unfinished". Here are some sections of the quilt. I sat at my sewing machine for most of the quilting as I did a lot of outlining of the various redwork and bluework. I also loaded the partially completed quilt onto the long arm to do some of the background fills in areas like around the cannon, or lines in the drapes surrounding Uncle Sam.

Betsy Ross
Cannon with flowers

I tried to not do too much quilting as I felt that could detract from the embroidery design.

I have been saving this tiny, tiny black buttons just for Uncle Sam's coat!

It doesn't show up in this picture, but I added a bit of blush with a paint stick to Uncle Sam's cheeks. He was looking a bit too serious!

A Patriot's Dream---Finished.
52" x 45"
Wet blocked and drying on the design wall.
Yes, I see that line of stitching is missing. :o)

(This is an Indygo Junction pattern designed by Marge Wooters.)

Sassy helped celebrate my Birthday