July 11, 2009

Iris Planting Time

Remember my blog entry about my search for Iris rhizomes back in the early Spring. Well, I didn't find any Iris at the local nursery back then, but I did find an Iris grower on eBay with some beautiful Iris and excellent feedback. So I took a chance and ordered these Iris from The Appalachian Iris Garden. Here is a link to their Tn-Tigger eBay store where I purchased these lovelies. Cora, the owner, gave me permission to post their pictures here.

"Chance Encounter"


"Fondation Von Gogh"

"Halloween Halo"

"Night Hawks Dream"

"Nora's Thrill"

Aren't these Iris photo's gorgeous! Hopefully mine will produce some beautiful blooms like this next year. The rhizomes arrived carefully packed this past week with a full instruction sheet on how to plant them. Time to plant, location, soil prep, depth etc.

They are the nicest Iris rhizomes I've seen! So healthy and look at the roots! I've spent the morning setting them into the Iris bed with a tablespoon of fertilizer down in each planting space to give them a good head start.

It looks a little sparse right now, but come spring it should be beautiful. I do think I need a few more though, don't you?


marilyn said...

want me to send you some when I dig mine to divide them? No promises on colors, but I have a bunch of purples I know for sure and some others as well. Should be in the next couple of weeks. I'd be happy to share :)

Lindah said...

Oh, those will be so beautiful!

Lizzie said...

Wow, your iris are stunning. One of my favourite is the blue one that flowers about Christmas time. My hubbie gave me a bunch on the day my eldest son was born, 22nd December, 14 and a half years ago.

Christine said...

Pretty pictures I wonder what kind of camera she uses. I want some of your irises when you get to divide them, but that will be a while.