September 08, 2009

New Mat, new Muslin, new Markers

I've been replacing rotary blades more often than not lately. I just couldn't figure it out. Skipping cuts, not cutting. So, I started looking at my cutting mat. An Olfa. I date my mats when I buy a new one---well, I hadn't bought a new mat since 1999!!! No wonder it felt flat, hard--almost brittle. I was cutting on a "dead mat". I mean it had no bounce at all...rotary blades need some cush to cut like they should. Wow, what a difference...when was the last time you bought a new cutting mat?

I got this new Fiskers double sided one on sale at JoAnn. 50% off sale last week. I have the yellow side showing, the other side is mint green. Nice!

Yesterday I went back to JoAnns because believe it or not, (I could hardly believe it myself!)---I had NO MUSLIN! What is a quilter without muslin? Shameful I think, especially since I told Mary I was going to start a String Quilt for her String Quilt Project. The base for the string quilts is muslin! I could have used an old sheet I suppose, but I still believe a quilter should not be without a stash of Muslin, somewhere in her sewing room! :o)

I mean not a smidgeon of it anywhere. So, I stocked up on nice Kona Muslin, and also some of the less expensive stuff too.

I checked out the sale on air and water soluble marking pens too. I used up my last blue wash out on the whole cloth quilt. Picked up a few other goodies too.

Fairfield 80/20 Queen size batt on sale for another. I've never used this brand of 80/20 packaged batting before! Feels softer than Hobbs. Anyone used this?

The Snuggle flannel was on sale, so that lavender purple print on the bottom of the muslin stack is for the baby quilt I just finished. I love flannel backed quilts! Especially for babies! :o)


Bunny said...

It is so nice to buy yourself new tools. The new mat looks great.The more tools the better. Have fun with your sting quilt.

Betsy said...

you have gotten yourself some nice things. I have been trying to stay out of Joanns for awhile but like you I love love the Kona muslin,.

Lindah said...

Have not used the Fairfield 80/20. Would be interested in your take on it. Love that purple flannel. That will make a gorgeous backing.

Purple Pam said...

What a shopping spree! Great buys. A new rotary cutting mat is a good idea. I bought a new one last year. Yes, they do wear out. I had so many cuts on my old mat, I don't know how it held together at all!

Coyote Quilts said...

I hope you have good luck with the Fairfield. I found that it 'pilled' quite a bit and a lot of 'lint' was flying around when I used it. I was really disappointed with this product. After it was in the the quilt it was very warm and draped well.