August 26, 2010

If You Live to be 100

If you live to be a 100 they will bake you a special cake! with quilt blocks on it.

If you live to be 100 your family and friends will help you celebrate with a Birthday quilt.

If you live to be 100 they will surprise you on your special day.

If you live to be hundred you will surprise everyone! And play Happy Birthday on your Saxophone!

Happy 100th Birthday Dearest Dolly!

Dolly is a long time member of our local quilt guild. Family members and guild members surprised her recently at our last meeting with a special birthday celebration by presenting her with a friendship block quilt bearing many good wishes and two wonderful birthday cakes. Dolly has had an astounding and interesting life. She traveled the world with her father who was magician. She performed in the magic show along with her family and also provided the music. These days Dolly no longer quilts. Instead she knits hundreds of preemie hats which are donated to the local hospitals. The day of the surprise birthday party she arrived with 75 preemie hats she had knitted! Always smiling she is an inspiration to us all---


Lindah said...

A lovely post. How wonderful to see a centenarian still active and interacting with her friends.

The big 100th birthday is coming up for my FIL next month. He is quite a character. The funny thing is --he, too, played a sax for many years. Now could that be the common denominator for reaching 100? :-D

What's on the quilt frame these days?

jan said...

How wonderful! If she share's any of her secrets, be sure an dlet us know! :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post Angie! I bet she is fascinating to sit down and hear her stories with!

Purple Pam said...

Dolly is an inspiration to us all. It sounds like she has had a wonderful life, and still enjoying it. Thank you for sharing this special lady's story.