May 11, 2011

Layer Over Layer

I don't have an overly large design wall. Whoa---I wish for more at times like this. I'm layering quilt tops over quilt tops and using my rug weaving frame to hold more. The first layer is Patriots Dream. All basted and ready for quilting. I'm going to sit at my domestic sewing machine to do this one, and maybe add some handquilting as well.
The one to the far right under everything is the Crazy Quilt top I just finished piecing. Ready for layering.

The quilt top layered over all this is a Jelly Roll quilt I going to quilt once I finish adding sashing and borders. My friend Barbara pieced this one up at quilt retreat during our Jelly Roll Race! What fun!---and over on the rug weaving frame is a rug which you can't see, with another Jelly Roll quilt top laying over it that I finished. I'm auditioning some sashing and borders for it.

Layer over layer-----do you do this on your design wall?

I've been forgetting to show you how big Sassy is getting. 6 lbs. now. I took this picture of both of us with Photo Booth on my iMac. Lots of reflections, but the camera on the monitor takes pretty clear photos.


MariƩ du Toit said...

Hi Angie
I am also guilty of layering projects on the design wall. It is a pity that a design wall take away storage space. My ideal quilt studio will have 4 design walls that I can push on different rails.

Michelle said...

If I had a design wall, I'm sure I would!

Belinda said...

Lovely quilts Angie!