June 24, 2011

Paint Chips on Our Bed

Remember Judy Laquidara's blogging efforts to help the neighboring community of Joplin, MO who have suffered through so much since the tornado and Judy's Quilt Give Away to inspire many of us to donate to this worthwhile cause?

Judy has received $11, 470 in donations for the Red Cross as of this date! Plus some quilters sent her quilts to give to residents in Joplin.

She generously gave away 12 of her own beautiful quilts in a Quilt Give Away to people who sent in money. For every $25.00 you donated to the Red Cross, your name went into the drawing and you had a chance to win one of Judy's quilts.

We won one of the quilts! "Paint Chips" by Judy Laquidara. It looks wonderful in our bedroom!
It is so pretty! And--- If you want to make this quilt, it is one of 23 quilt patterns in McCalls latest issue of "America Quilts for the Home". We love it!
Thank you Judy for all you have done.


Linda in TX said...

This is a beautiful quilt Angie and I'm glad you got it! I follow Judy's blog (like I follow yours) and loved watching those dollars for Joplin go up and up. How fun to get one of her quilts!

Katie said...

What a lovely quilt! I want to run out and buy that magazine right now! :-)

Purple Pam said...

Congratulations on winning that bright and beautiful quilt. It was very generous of Judy to share her quilts like that. I am so sorry that Sassy was so ill from her surgery. She is so tiny and cute. Your pictures are wonderful of your yard.

Candace said...

Congratulations, it's beautiful and I'll bet that she's glad to know that it went to someone who will appreciate and love it.