July 08, 2013

Quick Strippie

I've been cutting more of Mollie Johnson's Quick Strippie quilts. What fun it is to pull out those fabrics that I have never used and don't quite know why I purchased them and put them to good use. These will be donation quilts. These are the fabrics that linger in my stash, get moved around,  and now I'm  cutting them up for a Quick Strippie quilt tops. I hope to load a few of these on the frame today and get them quilted.

Cutting and sewing is fast. Here are a few pictures:

Up on the design wall. The blue dragon quick strippie is finished and ready to quilt. {Don't look to the right side of the design wall. No, I have not sewn or even considered sewing on Easy Street for months.  I know I need to finish this, or give it the toss. I think I have lost my enthusiam for this quilt because of the colors. From a distance it looks fine, but working with all the small black and white graphic prints makes my eyes go bezerk!} 

Pieced quick strippie, ready to quilt.

Happy pink and green quick strippie ready to sew.

June Taylor strip cutter. One of my favorite "tools"!

Another quick strippie quilt top in process. 

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Purple Pam said...

Oh, I love all your colorful strippies. What a great way to use up those "why did I buy it" fabrics. They are fast and fun and will give someone a wonderful gift.