December 03, 2013


The past few days I've been quilting this lovely Christmas raffle quilt on the long arm.  It's for a senior group in Lake County that is trying to raising money for a rent control measure they hope to get on the ballot next year. "Save the Seniors"

This quilt top was one of several that ended up in a thrift store, where they were rescued by my friend, Joyce. There are more beautiful tops, all queen size and similar to this. The best Joyce could decipher from the shop clerks is that the quilter who made them was elderly and died, and the quilt tops along with some of her other belongings were donated to the thrift shop. What a beautiful find!

The quilt design is "Fanfare Grande" by Patricia Ritter and Urban Elementz.  It's the first time I have used this pantograph, but I love the design it created across the quilt and how it filled the open spaces.  Almost like I had planned for the design to stitch out in a certain place on the quilt. When I do pantographs I don't plan much---I just let the design begin and end where it will.  I know many quilters measure and slide the pantograph to create the ideal placement---I just let it happen.

The effect on the plain white backing is just as pretty as the front.

I hope this raffle donation quilt helps raise funds for a good cause.


Purple Pam said...

What a wonderful find at the thrift store. Your quilting in beautiful and compliments the design very well. Congratulations on helping out the seniors.

Ivory Spring said...

Your quilting is phenomenal!!!

Debra said...

Beautiful quilting! I have used this design and it's one of my favorite pantos. I really enjoy using Patricia Ritter's designs. They are easy to follow and nicely done.