September 22, 2015

Scan n' Cut Hearts for the Fire Project

These are some of my appliqué hearts for the Kerrie's donation quilts. She is heading up the "Hearts for the the Fire" project in Lake County, CA.  All the hearts received will be made into quilts for the fire victims.

I'm in such a learning mode with my Scan n' Cut right now anytime I'm presented with a cutting project I will attempt to do it with the Scan n' Cut. This was a perfect timing to try some of the  built in designs, and try the increase/decrease feature.  There were several built in heart outlines in the 550 Scan n' Cut. I picked one that has no frilly edges and increased the size to 5.25". The Scan n' Cut proportionately increases any measurements you may enter into the machine which is a plus.

The request was to place the hearts on 10" pastel hearts on white or off white backgrounds.  

If you are interested in donating a  heart quilt block, please read the following from Kerrie.

For nearly a week, our Lake County has been hit with a devastating “fire storm” that continues to burn.  Nearly 600 homes are gone and all of us seem to have someone affected in some way.
Many quilting friends lived up on Cobb mountain, in Hidden Valley or Middletown.
Several of those friends have nothing left but ashes.   There is a portion of God’s Word in Isaiah 61:3 that says, “To console those who mourn (in Zion), To give them beauty for ashes......”
If you would like to help turn ashes to beauty please make a quilt block –  applique a heart in the center of a CUT 10” square using pastel colors, sign your name and town along the side of the heart, and mail to Kerrie’s Quilting  1853 N. High St.  Lakeport, CA  95453. 
The blocks will be set together to make quilts for at least  5 ladies that I know of who lost all their sewing/quilting things in the fire.  
Deadline—October 8

Sew warmly & thank you     ~~Kerrie


Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

How fortuitous that you wrote about this just now! Just last week, I purchased a Scan n Cut 2 (CM650W) and am in the process of talking myself out of being intimidated. :-)

I've actually cut out some *gasp!* paper and am inching towards fabric. :-)

I'll be interested in reading about your further adventures with your own Scan n Cut. :-)

Angie said...


Your ahead of me because I haven't cut paper, but I didn't plan to ever cut paper---but, who knows where this gadget will take me! Did you join the Facebook group: Scan n' Cut Quilters. I've learned a lot there, and of course You Tube. Just this morning I finally learned how to make a cut file from an appliqué design on my Ellismo embroidery/sewing machine. I've been trying to learn that all week with no results. I see you have the newest model! Lucky you! You'll learn much faster than I am. Your so computer savvy! It sure is a fun and quick way to do appliqués!

Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

I've joined 3 (!!!) FB groups cuz I figure each of them is going to give a slightly different slant to information. YouTube is great ... I really like watching the Brother videos, with Julie Fan-Fei Balzer ... although she's just a TAD to perky for me; the info is great though. Since I'm just starting out, I need to be *organized* when obtaining my information, so I know where I got it and make copious notes for myself. Eventually, I won't need the basic information, but for right now? Man, I need EVERYTHING!

ooohhhhh!! cutting appliques!! Your project looks so fantastic; the hearts are just wonderfully perfect! Truth be told, fabric appliques is THE reason I wanted to get this machine. The store where I bought it had a class project that used the Scan n Cut to cut Hawaiian appliques and then machine appliqued them to the quilt background. Wowsers .... imagine that! Having precision cut Hawaiian appliques! As many as you want! That simply opens up a whole new realm of possibilities!