October 18, 2015

Slow Progress

I try to spend time, a little or a lot, in my sewing room. Even if it's just 30 mins. I feel like I'm making progress. I would love to spend more time there, it's a very relaxing room, and I love being there. I have so many ideas and projects swirling around in my mind plus all those unfinished projects to work on.

The passing of my friend, Shirley, has made me more thoughtful about all the unfinished quilts that seem to be piling up. Some tops that need completion, others on hangers in the closet waiting to be quilted. Do I have enough hours or days to get them all done?----probably not, but I'm not giving up on the idea of finishing the unfinished ---yet.

I get thoughtful, deep thoughtful about all this at times and have decided it's not the time so much. (it really is amazing what you can do in 30 mins.)---it's the beckoning of new projects that gets me so sidetracked! If only I would not start anything "new".  But, how will I ever accomplish that. No self control in that department it seems.

 My other option is to literally pack up each and every unfinished project and give it away. Not deal with it any longer-----and that would be a serious undertaking both emotionally, and physically.

So, onward I go trying to meet the challenge.

So far this month I have finished a baby quilt. Pieced the borders on a quilt, and learned to miter the corners on it.  (I am not good at mitering quilt borders) but I did OK.  I learned a new binding technique! Love it, and will do it again. Put a long forgotten Unfinished Project on the design wall and will start piecing it soon. (today) Downloaded all the files I needed to make my new Scan n Cut2 650 work wirelessly. Downloaded Canvas software to work with Scan n Cut.   I mention this because it took me over an hour to get all this computer stuff figured out and working like it should.

This is a machine embroidery project (unfinished project) from Urban Threads that I started several years ago. It had been so long since I had opened the container it was stored in, I had forgotten all the placement of the blocks. That is a real problem when working with unfinished projects.  Just recalling where you left off, and where to restart can present it's own challenge. Moments of sheer confusion!

I did finish the Calendar Kids border and I've decided a simple free motion meander will complete the quilt and not detract from the design.

Tried as I might I could not get the pieced borders to perfectly match in length near the corners so that the seams would miter from one side of the quilt to the other.  But, the 30's print fabric is so busy looking, it's not too noticeable, and once it's quilted I think it will be OK.

The Elephant quilt is finished!

I tried a new quilt binding method from Missouri Star Quilts. Jenny Doan's flanged quilt binding. The video is on You Tube. Liking this! No hand stitching!

This beauty awaits me on the long arm. One of my dear departed Shirley's lovely quilt tops. I need to add extensions to the top and bottom so I can load it onto the leaders. They are way to short now.  At some point it was intended to be machine quilted sitting at the sewing machine.  I'll need to remove all the safety pins too. Don't you wish for an "assistant" some days! for jobs like safety pin removal!

For Shirley's son.

So, this is some of the stuff going on. Hopefully you will understand why I don't blog as often these days.


Lisa Boyer said...

I'm so sorry you lost your friend Shirley. It's so hard when friends have to leave us. The quilt for her son is beautiful.

Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

I hear ya, Angie. Earlier this year, my sister in law's mother passed away. I was asked to help clear out the sewing room, which was JAM PACKED full of stuff. That experience made me realize that I don't want my girls to go through the same thing.

I've always (well, for the past decade and a half, or so) worked from a list of my UFO's. A later version was made into a magnetic board of two columns .. the left side are all the tops ready to be quilted; the right side are UFOs to be completed. I was at a conundrum .. which side do I concentrate on?

Well that earlier sewing room experience answered my question. My girls will KNOW what to do with a completed top ... get it quilted! But my UFOs? They wouldn't have a clue what my vision was. So now, I am REALLY focusing on finishing my UFOs.

My current UFO project is a Lone Star made from hand-dyed fabric and has hand-appliqued vines and flowers around the perimeter. Talk about slow going! The piecing part was fast. Piecing has always been easy for me. If a top simply involved piecing, I could complete it lickety-split. But this applique part is *all* hand work ... very slow going because before you can applique the flower, you have to *construct* the flower!

Like you, I become easily distracted by all the NEW! SHINEY! INTERESTING! projects I see. It would be so easy to put the Lone Star UFO on hiatus to just piece a new top! But .. no no no .. if I don't persevere on the Lone Star, it will NEVER get done.

But those interesting new project are sure calling my name! ;-)

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

I'm glad you're picking up the Urban Threads piece again it's a favorite of mine and on my to-do list. I certainly understand about your UFO's and being distracted. So sorry about the loss of your friend, her son will be so lucky to receive one of his mom's quilts from your hands.

Purple Pam said...

I know exactly what you mean about getting UFOs finished. I have a wondering eye for new projects as well. I like to finish the old ones, but I become so distracted when I see a new quilt pattern that I cannot wait to start! I realize that I am a process person more than a product person. I love when I finish a project, but I love it more when I start a new project. It is so exciting to see it come together. The problem for me is that I lose interest when I see another new project that I want to sew. I agree, there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything I want. You have done a great job in completing some of your projects. Sorry to read about your friend Shirley. I hope working on her quilt will bring you peace and joy.

Ionia Quilt Works Beth said...

Angie, I love, love this quilt and I am sure that your friend was delighted (from heaven) that you finished it. Do you remember anything about the size of these blocks?