June 26, 2016

Finished---Blanket Stitch Baby

Anita Goodesigns "Blanket Stitch Baby Quilt" is finished, all except a label.  I had a lot of fun making it. Picking designs from the disc, and choosing the fabrics.   A few snafus along the way with  what Anita Goodesign calls their 'mix n match' blocks. The directions didn't mention mirroring the left side triangular fabric strip blocks so that the fabrics would match the right side layout. Finally figured that out.

 I have washed the quilt, once, and it should get softer with more washings (I hope.)  I still feel it is a bit too stiff. Not a cuddly quilt.

Even though I did use muslin as a stabilizer in a effort to reduce the stiff feeling---it's more about the amount of quilting in the block designs I think…lots of small stippling and the appliqué stitching on these designs.

There are many more cute designs on the embroidery disc, I just picked my favorites. I have Anita's Playhouse picked out for my next embroidery quilt project. Stay tuned! My embroidery machine is taking a short well deserved rest for now……..


Lisa Boyer said...

Awww...so sweet! That quilt will be well-loved.

Purple Pam said...

This is an absolutely darling quilt. You and your machine did a good job.

Unknown said...

That is absolutely darling. Did you do your stabilizer with muslin on this quilt