November 12, 2009

Meet Polly!

Since "Rosie" moved to a new home in September, quilting friends have been asking what I was planning to name the new long arm...I'm pleased to introduce you to "Polly".

It took just a few quilting projects for me to decide on the name "Polly". Machine quilting has always been been fun for me---now this new machine takes it to a totally awesome level! All the controls operate so smoothly. The power take up roller and height adjustments controls just move up or down at the flick of the handle controls with the least amount of effort . The stitch regulator is so smooth that's it's difficult to tell if the stitch regulator is on, so I've never turned it off! Normally with most long arm quilting machines you can tell by the feel and sound the stitch regulator is operating---not so with the Prodigy Quilter. The first stitch is as evenly spaced as the last stitch! No slightly elongated first stitch leaving points or moving into a fast curve. In fact the Prodigy stitch regulator keeps up at whatever speed I'm quilting. No annoying sounds or bleeps, ever.

Here are a few projects "Polly" and I have finished quilting. Zoie's baby Quilt.

This medium size fleece quilt.

And this larger fleece quilt.

I have another fleece quilt on the frame and will post photos tomorrow. These are a lot of fun to do. Very forgiving. Quick projects.

As I glanced out the kitchen window this morning sipping my morning coffee, I was greeted by this beautiful early morning visitor. He watched me, as I watched him--- long enough for me to snap these pictures. The he slowly crossed the parking area and headed down into the forest of Timber Hill. Elegant!


Purple Pam said...

Polly is a great name. It looks like her products are turning out great, too.

The pictures of the deer are super. What a wonderful scene to wake up to in the morning!

onlymehere said...

I never would have thought of quilting a fleece blanket! This sounds like an awesome machine. I love her name too. I'm sure you and she are going to have many good times together in the years to come! Your friend outside is beautiful too! I just hope he doesn't help himself to your landscaping!