December 11, 2009


I welcomed todays rain not only because we need it, but that meant I wouldn't go to town just one more time to shop for some of those last minute stocking stuffers--- and because I really didn't want to anyway, and it gave me a reason to put some logs on the fire and sew on some last minute projects.

and quilt on this

(Quilts of Valor quilt)


onlymehere said...

Have I ever told you that I love your sewing rooms?! I discovered them on a web site on the internet and then lost the link. When I posted my dream sewing room I used some of the pictures of your room and someone told me they belonged to you and that's how I found your blog! I just wanted to let you know how much I love your work space and I'm so jealous you got a day to sew! I'm making up time that I had to take off earlier in the week so there's no sewing for me until next week. Love the new quilt on the quilt frame too! Now go put another log on the fire and keep making those treasures! Cindy

Karen said...

Hello, neighbor. I, too, live in Santa Rosa and haven't found anyone who blogs about quilting that's from this area until I stumbled upon your blog. We did need the rain; it broke that horrible freezing cold weather we've had to endure for the past week or so. Is it spring yet?

Anonymous said...

Don't you love the rain! I love projects while its raining outside. The only qualm i have, is, well what do you do when you are done and its raining!? Maybe thats why its important to keep SO many projects :) i love my new quilt.