December 15, 2009

Through Rain or Sleet or Snow

Through rain or sleet or snow---is that not the old postal service motto. Well not where we live. Our mail carrier will not trek up Timber Hill to deliver packages. So, if we are not driving out on any particular day---we hike out to the mailbox. It's not that far unless you wait until it's getting late in the day and think you can make it back home before dark---which I did one day last week and found myself down in the lowest dip of the road in the dark with creepy creature noises starting to rustle through the woods.

But this made it all worth the hike in the dark. When I opened the package--ta-da!

A table runner! Why is it I never make table runners? I make a lot of other crafty-quilt-e things. But, I always forget about table runners. Not only is this one very pretty table runner--- Flip it over and I have another wonderful table runner!

I've been wanting something special for this shelf on the maple hutch. Thank you Jane! It's perfect, and very special to me.

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