April 27, 2010

Happenings on Timber Hill-Iris

Some of the Iris I planted last year are blooming!

I carefully used a black Sharpie marker to on special garden stakes but the rainy season washed all the markers clean.  I referred back to some pictures I had kept from the ebay seller I purchased these Iris rhizomes from, but this beauty is not shown.

 Don't depend on a black Sharpie to stay on your plant tags.

This is "Nora's Thrill". A dark burgundy beauty.

These are the violet blue Japanese Iris that we left in the ground where they have grown for years by the fish pond that was in this spot. The pond is gone, the iris remain.
This is a picture of the older Iris that are blooming. I don't know the name of this beauty either. 
This is what "Nora's Thrill" looks like this morning since it raining. 
And this is what happened to to the oak tree further down the slope from the Iris bed.
A huge branch broke off.  The leaves on the oaks are saturated with rain and the limbs are stressed to point of break off. More work for Bill and his trusty chain saw. Thankfully we weren't walking down this path when it happened.

Looking down the Timber Hill towards the old apple orchard. All the trees are in bloom. I took this picture a few days ago.  We should have a bumper apple crop this year. The bees are busy!

The little garden gnome came out of his tree house to see what was going on.


Diane said...

Hi Angie, love your outdoor pictures. The older lavender iris you have and don't know the name--I think I have it too, but I don't know the name either. A neighbor gifted them to me a while back when she was separating hers. I really need to do that this year too.
Your little gnome and his tree home is adorable-made me smile! thanks

Anonymous said...

Angie, irises are my very favorite flower, I absolutely love them! But I am cursed... EVERY time I plant them, we move shortly after. So, I'm destined to live without or keep moving! LOL

Purple Pam said...

Angie, your flowers are beautiful. I love the little gnome at the base of your tree!