April 08, 2010

Seam Ripping

I finished this Quilt of Valor for Barbara's group in So. California. I use aluminum bobbins in my long arm most of the time,  and had wound 3 bobbins of Superiors So-Fine thread to complete this pantograph when I ran out of bobbin thread. Without thinking to much about it I picked up a steel bobbin that had some of the same color thread on it and started up stitching where I had ran out. Not a good thing!

The top thread looked fine. And that was the deceiving thing about this experience. Top thread was just as smooth and nice as could be--- I rolled the quilt, and since I was standing at the back of the frame as it rolled up onto the take up roller I could see a major problem had taken place as I went merrily on my way. The bobbin thread was "flat". No locking stitches. It was just laying there.

  I had to rip out four rows of the design, re- adjust both top and bottom thread tensions and after much grumbling and thread ripping....find my new starting point and hope I was in the right spot. I was, and the quilt is completed, at last.

Lesson: Don't switch from one type of metal bobbin to another without checking top and bobbin tensions stitch outs or at least looking under the quilt just once, even if the top looks perfect.

Quilted with "Patriot" pantograph which is hard to see on this quilt. It's a series of stars that continue into a wavy half ribbon.

I've not had a good quilting week in general.  Here is a picture of the Diamond Log Cabin.  It's progressed to a stand still while I try to figure out why the lime green strips of fabric in the center are not even or meeting in the middle to give the illusion of even spokes or spiraling out.

My seam ripper is my constant companion this week.

 I'm also auditioning border fabrics, ripping out, sewing and ripping out the center blocks.  One good thing is that I have handled the blocks so much I won't have to rip off the paper piecing foundations, they are coming loose on their own just from all the pinning and adjusting that is going on.  Thanks for reading this ---hopefully tomorrow will be more productive with this project.


Lindah said...

Oh, dear! My sympathies are with you! Ripping is not my favorite passtime either. But you will feel so much better when it all is aligned and when you see the good stitches both back and front. I'll have to say that with age, I'm finding less frustration with the ripping, tho. But still...

Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

Angie, on the Diamond Log Cabin lime green problem .... from the picture it looks that *even though* you are nesting the matching seam intersections, it looks like that intersection is NOT the "center" of the 3 strip section. In order to get the illusion you want, you may need to *not* match that intersection but the actual centers of each 3 strip section.

In the grand scheme of things after quiting (and from the back of a galloping horse at a distance of 5 miles), I bet you won't realize that the seam intersection aren't matching but what you WILL see is that the lime green strips radiate the way you want them to.

If the 'intersection not being the center' is indeed the problem. :-)

Lyn said...

I hate having those days, we know they are out there but a big bummer when its our turn to have one, today WILL be better..
I love your diamond log cabin, and agree with "pirate" on the problem. It is a real beauty, cant wait to see what you quilt it with...
Hope you have a better day...

Diane said...

oh I feel your ripping pain! blek! It always seems like once you pick up that ripper more is gonna follow.
I hope you solve the lime green strips to your satisfaction, I'd have to agree with the previous posts suggestions (makes sense, but I'm never figured it out on my own) I'd give a re-do a shot if it really bothers you and then let it go. But we all have our own 'acceptance of our work levels' that we have to be happy with.
It's a stunning quilt and if you wouldn't have pointed it out, I doubt many would notice, I had to really look again to see what you were talking about! Have a happy weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear I hope that seam ripping isn't contagious and I've passed the bug to you... that's all I've done on my last 4 projects is rip, rip rip!

Have you heard of "skinning" a quilt? If not, look it up on YouTube... rather interesting and fast way to pick out seams on the longarm.

Purple Pam said...

Oh Angie, I am so sorry you are having such issues with your quilt. My seam ripper and I are on a first name basis lately also! Your quilt is looking great even with your problem.

Helen in the UK said...

Oh no, I feel for you!! I hate having to 'un-sew'. Hope you get the problem with your diamond log cabin sort - it is going to be stunning :)

Anonymous said...

I have some of those seam ripper days too. Even though I haven't had time to sew much lately.
I think your quilts are so beautiful!
You do an amazing job on them.

Have a great day.