August 19, 2011

What's On the Long Arm Today

I picked up this quilt top from Leslie at guild yesterday. A donation quilt. The challenge is the backing is the same size as the quilt top. I'm using the Circle Lord Baptist Fan template board. One more turn, and it's finished. I'm hoping the lower edges meet and I don't sew off on the leaders! :o)

Yikes---this is what I call cutting it close! I could just barely pin on my cloth side extenders. I'm hoping with a bit of squaring and trimming, I can get the binding on O.K. after it's off the long arm. Wish me Luck! :o) This is a "close call". :o)

Sassy keeping an eye on you---!


TerriW said...

Love the BF on this!

Anonymous said...

Sassy is just so cute. Jan