August 26, 2011

Blogger Stats

I've just recently noticed and been paying attention to the "Stats" tab on my Blogger page. It's fascinating that visitors still look at the Kindle Cover blog entry from way back in 2008. That's when I bought my Kindle 1. With all the ready made Kindle covers and cases and make it yourself Kindle cover patterns out there---this is still the most popular blog posting. I was just playing around with some fabric, batting and cardboard backing, and ended up with a Kindle cover. I don't offer a pattern or a tutorial, and it's for the first ever Kindle Amazon made which is not easy to find nowadays as Amazon does not make or sell this model of Kindle any longer. BTW: I still use and read on my Kindle 1. It's battery needs charging more frequently, but it's still a wonderful eReader. Rumor has it Amazon is going to introduce a Kindle tablet soon, presumably it will also have an eReader on it.

The next most popular blog post is about the two Jelly Roll race quilts I recently finished. Just about all the visitors come by way of another bloggers posting who doesn't much care for the look of Jelly Roll Race quilts and where I suggested my Jelly Roll race quilts didn't look so bad in the comments section. I think they are fun, and pretty in their own special way--- So, I guess visitors may be using my pictures and article and links to decide if they ever want to attempt making a Jelly Roll Race quilt, or not. BTW: Green Faire Quilts is having a big sale. 30% off all Jelly Rolls!

Chenille Potholders---what can I say about the continued interest in this tutorial blog posting except these pot holders are a fun way to learn about making chenille and sewing on a binding, and you will end up with a truly useful project. They make up fast, and make great gifts! I love to make them, especially when I want to sew---but, just can't get the creative juices flowing---sit down and make a few chenille potholders, and your in the groove again. Something productive and finished!

Maureen's needle case is not the last "stat" entry, but still one of the most popular. It encourages you to learn to use your sewing machines embroidery alphabet feature, and once again it's one of those "useful" projects. What seamstress wouldn't like a needle case? I use mine all the time. I keep it in my hand sewing basket. And it also made me aware of how to use the built in alphabet functions on my sewing machine. Something I would not have otherwise pursued.

I'm glad visitors still find and read these blog entries, but I also find it interesting that the most popular posting---is about a Kindle Cover???

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