September 17, 2011

Package Day!

I ordered some Omni thread from SewThankful on closeout sale prices on Wednesday. It came yesterday! Along with some new Magna Glide pre wounds. I love package day! The mailman even ventured down our winding road and up the the driveway. He was a substitute driver and didn't know that Charlie our regular mailman won't do this. I thanked him profusely for braving the road and steep driveway.

He said "no problem". Now, if I could only convince Charlie to do this on package days. Here is my sweet Omni purchase. I ordered a thread card ---lovely colors and textures. I like this thread card better than the wound cardboard type. Isn't it pretty!

Some new Omni threads!

Added some new Magna Glide bobbins to the stash!


Purple Pam said...

Wow, what a brave mailman! I have been up that driveway and know how steep and narrow it is. Isn't it fun to get packages in the mail? BTW, will the UPS or Fedex drivers traverse your driveway?

Belinda said...

It's like Xmas isn't it? Love the pretty colors. Wow...I guess you do have a pretty steep drive. LOL

Christine said...

Pretty :)