September 23, 2011

Witch Way

My August-September issue of The Quilter has this Halloween quilt I could not resist. I've been resisting buying fabric for quite awhile, but what can I say, "Witch Way" bewitched me!

I really think it's the vintage panel prints that got me. I'm a sucker for these old nostalgic prints. Especially the large old fashioned black Cat face, and the Moon with the spider web, and the old Witch riding through the night Moon on her broom...the fabric was calling me on this one. The orange in the fabrics is more of a burnt or cheddar orange.

I ordered the kit from Heartbeat Quilts just as soon as I saw the magazine. I've come to the conclusion after all these years that for special projects like this, it is time saving and money saving to simply buy the kit. One important thing: you need the magazine for the cutting directions. That is not mentioned in the magazine article. Maybe they offer the pattern for sale at Heartbeat Quilts.

I have it all cut out now---and the kit was very generous with the fabrics, so I have extra leftover. Thankfully I didn't make any mistakes cutting (that I know of)---so, I'm set to go. Even though this is a "kit", the cutting took me a whole day to do. I was surprised it took that long, perhaps because I was being so careful measuring and cutting. Labeling everything.

This is one of my new piecing projects for the upcoming quilt retreat in October. Maybe I will actually get it finished for Halloween this year!

Witch Way by Helen Weinman. The Quilter Magazine. Page 84. The finished quilt measures 52" x 75" 15 blocks total.

Measured, cut, labeled, stored and---Ready to Sew!

The cute Witch Way fabric is by Quilting Treasures' Hairrasing Halloween Collection by J. Wecker Frisch.

A few of the vintage Witch Way panel prints.
Love that Moon print!


colleencl said...

Angie -- I love those vintage prints too. It's such a cute quilt ... good job on all that cutting! Colleen

Purple Pam said...

Oh what fun! I love Halloween quilts. Yours looks great just in the pieces. Cannot wait to see the finished project. It should be done in time for Halloween, especially since you can quilt it yourself on your longarm.

Marcia said...

Angie - I had the magazine and wasn't inspired to make the quilt. Saw your blog photos and bought the kit! I haven't received it yet. I hope the cutting goes easily. Marcia

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this Angie! I just stumbled upon your finished quilt picture on Pinterest. Beautiful. I have never seen this project however, I will be searching it out next. I hope you will like my new Halloween line, very vintage also, not in shops till April 2015. The collection is called Sew Scary.