October 23, 2011


Spring in the apple orchard

We have an old, but still producing apple orchard. All we do is an occasionally pruning of broken branches so Bill can disc with his tractor every Spring. Otherwise the property is somewhat neglected. Many of the trees are at least 50 yrs. old now. However, we still have many that produce. Gravensteins and Rome's mostly. Come mid September Bill starts picking the ripe Gravensteins and he gets his trusty apple peeler out. The applesauce making process starts. It goes on for several weeks as the apples ripen.

I do the sauce cooking. Add some cinnamon and a bit of sugar to taste.
A good supply of plastic freezer containers
Some freezer space!
And we are stocked up with delicious applesauce until about mid April!

We also make a few pies in the process!

(The cute quilted apple table runner is a gift from my friend Jane.)


Belinda said...

Looks Yummy Angie!

Anonymous said...

The apple sauce and pie look delicious, Angie. Can't tell you how much I miss being able to buy Gravensteins here in Arizona. Enjoy them for me.


colleencl said...

Angie that looks delicious! I'll be right over!!

Purple Pam said...

Wow! So many apples! I love applesauce and apple pies, too. I think it is time for a road trip!