October 15, 2011

Little Things Add Up-Needs & Wants

When I left for Pacific International Quilt Festival. I had a list of things I "needed". I did buy two things I "needed". The rest is just what I wanted!

Here are some pictures of needs along with wants that made my credit card company overjoyed!

See that lonely cone of Perma Core thread. That is the only thing I "needed" or intended to buy. The fabrics, the ruler, the heat press tape, the marking pen, the silicon spray just sort of jumped into my arms and ended up at the cash register. The next picture of the little scissors---I needed. They are to replace the small pointed pair I wear on a lanyard when I'm quilting at the long arm. I like the scissor point covers on the new pair as I'm always jabbing myself with the ones I use now---plus they are getting very dull. A "need".
New little nipper scissors

These Bloc-Loc squaring up rulers are an impluse buy. The demo at the show was just too tempting! I did not however find the Nifty Notions rotary cutting 7" x 14" or 4" x 14" rulers I really wanted to buy. Nor did I find the June Tailor 6" x 12" rotary cutting ruler I went seeking. A "want". I am thinking of all the half square triangles I have made that I could have used these---sigh.
Bloc-Loc ruler set.

And of course if you have rotary cutting rulers who could resist these suction cup ruler handles---???!!!
Very comfy handles

You look in the pattern drawer stash (or wherever you keep yours)-- You know those cute project patterns that come so neatly folded and in 5" x 7" plastic zip lock bags with a hole for hanging that are in every vender quilt booth at the shows tempting you. The ones you oh-and- ah over. The ones hanging with the completed quilts. With kits. The ones you vow to make this winter or when you get back home from the show---I have such a "pattern stash"--and I make a determined mental resolution as I check my purse for keys and cell phone to NOT buy another project pattern. Well, here is one I couldn't just leave there. This must be number 78 of the dozens of such pattern I now own.

It this not the cutest Sister Quilt pattern.? Of course I'm going to make it right away---how could you ask me that question? (wink-wink).

Now, only a seasoned quilter could get excited about my next purchase. Batting! But, hey what can I say. The sample sure felt nice. One of the long arm vendors was using it and it was quilting up with nice definition. I did just end up buying one package to test out as I was very tempted to buy a whole roll! (control set in about then) I am going to preshrink it first as Bamboo batt and I in the past have had our problems. I'll keep you posted on this one.
Winline Textile Products 50% Bamboo 50% Organic Cotton batt.

Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, CA run through tomorrow if you are in the area. Annual show every October. It was fun and the quilts were fabulous. The vendors were great too. As you can tell


Amy said...

While it wasn't on the list, it all looks very useful. :) Glad you had a good time.

colleencl said...

Thanks for sharing Angie. I'd love to know what you think of the batting. I used some bamboo a while ago and it was very, very linty. But maybe combined with cotton will be better. Looks like you had a great time, and I think you showed restraint, actually!!

Purple Pam said...

I did not make it to PIQF this year. I had baby duty the first two days, my Quilting 101 workshop on Saturday, and I was really pooped this morning so I decided not to go today. I am always sad when I miss PIQF. Maybe next year will be my year! All your great finds are super. That is one of the best things about PIQF, all the vendors. I know the quilts are always fabulous, too.

onlymehere said...

We all deserve a splurge now and again! I'm intrigued about this batting and will look forward to your update on how it worked for you.