May 21, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I haven't played "design wall Monday" for ages, and while I still have the same quilt, Patchwork Posies", on the design wall, I am finally getting around to finishing it. Just two more blocks to stitch, and I can start sewing the rows together and add the sashing and borders and load it onto the long arm. Yeaah!

Did I also mention to you how freeing it has been this past week to not have a lot of commitments to donation quilting and to focus on my own projects. It is such a refreshing and long overdue feeling! Double Yeaah!----
Yes, I do see the block in the middle with the mistake--It always amazes me how snapping a photo reveals blocks turned wrong, missing pieces of fabric, similar colors next to each other , and etc.--- yet I can sit and look at a quilt top or the blocks for days on the design wall,  or in this case for weeks or months, and never see the mistakes until I look at the photograph! Thank-you digital age photography!

(see more Design Wall Monday photos with links at Patchwork Times)


marcella said...

What a happy quilt! I love that black polka dot with all those 30's prints. Enjoy they chance to do your own sewing!

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

This is cheerful and fun and I would not be in too big a hurry to take it off the design wall just because it brightens the place up!

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

You would have to look long and hard for that mistake LOL - Love the quilt though. Glad you have some time to work on your things!!

Purple Pam said...

Your Posies quilt is so colorful and cheerful. I like that design. I had to really look to see the mistake. Glad you are enjoying your sewing so much.