June 15, 2012

Catching Up---Finishing Some Projects

It has been hot and windy in our area of Sonoma County the past few weeks. It seems all I do is water plants and clean up the debris from the trees that blows around and accumulates near the house like snowdrifts.

I hope the winds are not a forecast of our summer weather.
The fir trees around the property are loaded with "fir flowers" as I call them, little brown mini buds that look like tiny pinecones, only brown. They are everywhere now. Here you see them blown up against the west side of the house. The house gutters and roof are covered with them too.

I did get a lot of projects finished this week. As the wind starts in. I head indoors to do some piecing or quilting on the long arm.

Sort of like winter when it rains and we stay indoors. Only now it's the heat and wind. The evenings have been really nice though. Perfect weather for barbecue and eating meals out on the patio.

I'm meeting my goal (so far) to have all my donation type quilting finished by the end of June, and yesterday I even finished one of my own projects.

This baby quilt from the Quilts & More Spring 2012 magazine. "Animal Crackers". A pattern by Ellen Maxwell. I love the fabrics by Michael Miller. Sort of retro-modern if there is such a term, or I just made this one up! :o) Cute prints.

I Finished the quilting on three "Martha Quilts" the Remnants made. More disappearing nine patches.

I also finished this quilt on the long arm for Christy that she made for her nephew. Great sports themed fabrics! It seemed like a perfect top to use my favorite circle lord design on. Swirlz!

I even finished Bill's new bathrobe. Sorry no pictures, it's in the wash!


Ardelle said...

You've been busy! Love the pattern on Animal Crackers!

Sue Daurio said...

Lovely!! You've been busy. The swirls are just gorgeous.

Purple Pam said...

Your blue quilt is great. I love the stripe you used in the binding. That really sets it off. Nice 9 patch quilts. I like that design as it is quick to sew and almost always looks great. We have had a lot of wind here, too. And it has been warmer than usual, especially last Saturday! Whew! I thought I was going to melt! LOL!