August 24, 2012


I have been piecing some leftover half square triangles, and digging through the drawer under the ironing table labeled "Orphans".

It truly is a miss-mosh of squares, half square pieces, tumbler pieces, embroidery blocks, some string blocks, some paper pieced diamond.

I sorted and stacked and bagged all the smaller scraps. But, now what?  I know what to do with leftover food! (gobble-gobble!)---but, I think these leftovers are getting moldy!

The Orphan block drawer.
 Leftover 8" batik tumbler block pieces. Maybe I'll have enough for a lap quilt.
Leftover from this quilt (below).

I think I'll sash these cute ABC machine embroidery blocks and make a donation quilt. I don't even remember how I came to have these.

Quilt of Valor
 I think there are 110 red/white/blue half square triangles. Remembering how I incorrectly cut them for this Quilt of Valor and had to redo them. I have strip sets leftover too.

Oh and I have these baggies of of assorted pinwheels of various sizes. 

Some paper pieced diamonds leftover from this.

Here are more orphan blocks I didn't remove from the drawer for pictures. Just waiting. Some are already sewn,  and some are cut half square triangles to sew together.  I wonder what I will ever do with all this stuff?  or worse yet, why I can't just get rid of it. Sort of like the refrigerator/freezer ? You keep thinking you will use that little dab of mashed potatoes, or whatever. Instead it has to get moldy before you can dump it. 


Linda in TX said...

It's not your fault Angie. I know that my left-over blocks replicate themselves at night while I'm sleeping. I use them for Project Linus NICU quilts - the neonatal units love them to cover the isolettes (makes it look more normal in the NICU). I make mine 28" square up to 36" by whatever. They're little and fun to make and great to practice new free motion designs on. And the new parents treasure them.

Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

I have the same sort of leftovers. Especially paired triangles which are the bonus trims from snowballing a corner.

I have bags of them. I have the bags because I *could* do something with them. It would certainly be a crime to just toss them.

But I have *so many* other things to sew that working on those bags of leftovers and orphan blocks never seems to occur.

I've given a (small) thought to trying to sell the bags of stuff on various sewing-related websites. Or giving them away to other quilty friends to make more donations quilts than I do.

But I haven't quite done either one yet because .... I *could* do something with them! :-)

Barb and Sharon said...

Angie- you could sew all the different pinwheels together and make a modern styled wall hanging or a crib quilt.

Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

One rationale (which is my current one) is that you NEED those little leftovers because ... what if that quilt became ripped or torn? Or needed a repair?

How ELSE would you do a quality repair if you didn't have the *original* fabric saved? :-)

(Is that enabling or encouraging? ::grin::)