October 23, 2012

It's on The Long Arm---at Last

I finished coloring the Prayer Garden embroidery blocks while at quilt retreat a few weeks ago.  When I got home I sort of slacked off doing any sewing or quilting with the exception of the mug rug.  Maybe that little project spurred me on---I finally decided to sew on the sashing and border.  What made me  happy is the 108" inch backing I bought on sale ---I sure like those wide backings as compared to piecing a backing! I sort of bog down when it gets to making backings.

Yesterday I loaded the quilt on the long arm and started some of the quilting, and planning what designs I would do on the sashing. Today I did do the top border, and finished the first row of the embroidery.

I'm doing a wavy serpentine stitch along the seams. I tried stitch in the ditch, and decided because of the bulk of the seams it would difficult for me to keep in the seam line, and it would take a long-long time to go around each embroidery with stitch in the ditch.  I'm edge stitching around some of the larger embroidery designs to tack them down to the back ground.  More later----


Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

This is just a beautiful project! I love everything about it and you're doing a wonderful job. I too bog down on those backings and a quilt top can languish around here for quite a while because I hate to piece backings :(

Purple Pam said...

Oh Angie! Your quilt is wonderful. I love all the color.

I too have a problem with making backs. I have several tops waiting to be quilted but they do not have backs. When I get a back made, I always ask myself why I had such trouble with that one. Even when it is only one seam, I dally and dally. I think it is the measuring and finding a place big enough to lay the quilt out.

Unknown said...

I say ditto to both Patricia and Purple Pam. I have trouble with backs also. It's so much fabric to wrestle with! Micki

Unknown said...

What a fantastic quilt. This will be a treasure for a lifetime. Thanks for sharing with us.