December 29, 2012

A Bit of This & That

I did make a little more progress on the Easy Street Mystery quilt the past few days.  Step 3 is completed. No pictures here, but step 4 is also finished! I'm cutting on step 5 today! Maybe, just maybe I will catch up with some of you speedy stitchers before next Friday.

I've had some quilters email me about the fabric organizers I use.  The plastic ones that I've had for a long time are from  Polar Notions, but I have also found a good substitute.  The 6-3/4 x 10-1/2 comic book backing boards sold by Amazon. 100 in a package for $13.44 (free prime shipping).

These work just as well as the more expensive fabric organizers. The plastic fabric organizer is on the left and the comic board organizer is on the right. Below you can see both placed in the folds of the fabric. Yes, the comic book board is shorter, but it also depends on the width of the fabric. Here the picture is of a a full 45 inch fabric. Once the fabric is on the shelf, the cardboard holder keeps it folded just as well as the taller plastic organizer.

 Fabric organizers. Plastic versus Comic book cardboard holder.
 Fabric stored on shelves with both the plastic and the comic book boards.
Fabric folded on the cardboard comic book holders.  I think they work just as well as the plastic.

 Before Christmas I made quite a few of the padded composition book covers. Most were gifted, but I have a lot more interesting fabrics to play with. If you are making any of these journals or books, Staples Office supplies has a good price on the composition books right now.
 One of my bargain finds is this small mannequin display holder with hooks for the skirt base.
Perfect for hanging scissors at the cutting table! This looks vintage, but it's a reproduction I found at our local Beverly's Crafts and Fabric store.
Have a healthy and happy New Year everyone!


Valerie said...

Your Easy Street units are looking good! I love the colors you've chosen, they're so bright! :) Tomorrow Bonnie will be posting Clue #7. I wonder if she is assuming we'll be up sewing all night? LOL!

Valerie said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog! Don't worry about clues 5 and 6, they go together quickly. Once clue 5 is cut, it sews up fast. With clue 6, if you're working from yardage, cut 24 strips and make them into 12 strip sets. Lay several out side by side when you subcut them into units and that makes the cutting go really fast. You can do it! :)

Purple Pam said...

I love your scissors holder! I saw the finished Easy Street Mystery today. Another really nice quilt from Bonnie. Of course, I love the colors! LOL!

Hope you have a Happy New Year. Both DH and I are down with colds! Yuck! This week I had so many plans and have had to cancel them all. At least I made it through Christmas without getting sick!

Unknown said...

You are so organized. I like your scissor holder :)