December 01, 2012

Easy Street Step Two

Bonnie posted step two of the Easy Street mystery.  When Bonnie said to put the grey away and cut purples and more of the black n' white prints to make flying geese, I went into panic mode! You see I don't have a lot of the black n' white print fabrics---and what I have is what I used in step one of the four patches.

I emailed Bonnie right away and asked if the black and white fabrics in the flying geese were going to be "touching" the black n' white fabrics in the four patches.  She would not commit to telling me except to say that all of her black and whites throughout the quilt are scrappy and scrambled and that's why it's a mystery. She also hoped it answered my question. (No, it didn't.) -and since it was pouring rain here and a trip to the fabric store was out of the question at the time, I went shopping on Ebay and found some different black n' white fabrics. So, I'm good (I think.)

I love shopping for fabric on Ebay!  I have found some Ebay fabric shops with fabrics I  never see here locally.  I like to support local fabric shops---but, hey, the budget loves $1.50 or less fat quarters of really unique black n' white fabrics too.

I did find three more small pieces of black and white fabric in my stash that once cut up may possibly work if they don't need to be to close to the previous four patch black n' whites squares. Amazing what you can find when your in need of a particular color.

No, I'm not whining. Although I am a bit worried about not having a large variety of black n' white fabrics at this time (like Bonnie does)---and it still remains a mystery if they are going to be next to what I already have sewn.

 Oh, and there is more black n' white fabrics needed for step three.  Remind me again why I did this.......oh yes, to reduce my stash, and buy more fabric! :o)

Purple and black n' white Flying Geese for part two of the Easy Street Mystery

Here are some of my new Black n' White fat quarters that are on the way to use in the flying geese and beyond. I'm stash building again! :o)


Unknown said...

Glad you were able to find some extra fabric. Never thought about eBay. I'll have to check it out.

Susan in FL said...

Used to live just down from Coit Tower..and before that on Buchanan Street in Pacific Hgts. Guess you're doing ok with the torrential rain right now. Love your Easy Street fabrics. I'll be looking for your linky next week for clue 3 to see how it all comes along. Happy Sewing!

Valerie said...

I was looking at your page earlier this morning. You've got a nice selection of black and whites too, and I love the new ones that you found. Your purples are lovely too, they look really nice in your geese. Any guesses as to what we'll be doing in the next clue? :)

The Thimblemouse of Country Crossroads said...

Looking really've got some fabulous black and whites there!

Anonymous said...

You found some fantastic backgrounds. I only have 4 or 5 different black/white prints so I'm using one for each clue. Hopefully it'll look okay.