June 09, 2013

Sidetracked Again

I've been busy outside in the mornings as it's been hot here later in the day.  I've been prepping dish towel for machine embroidery.  Washing, spray starching, ironing and sorting out day of the week designs on my computer. Sorting out stabilizers----that I can't find product tags for.

Getting sidetracked cleaning out files and quilt patterns I've collected.

I found a basket under my cutting table with some vintage hand embroideries I had saved. Here are just a few of the dresser scarves. 

They are so pretty!  

----and some pretty old hankies. These are some my Mother collected.

Finally I've sat down to embroidery.  

I think I have some sort of attention deficit disorder as I sure get distracted anymore. 

I'm working on Scottie dog day of the week towels for a customer. I better get my act together and quit digging around in the sewing room inside drawers and under tables. It sure has been fun though! 

Finding stuff I had forgotten about.  

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Unknown said...

You sound just like me. I will start one thing and before I know it, I'm off on something else. I have an Ellegante by Baby Lock but I don't embroider much anymore. Thanks for sharing.