October 18, 2013

Borders, and a Quick Quilt

I can't figure out how to title this blog entry so I will just tell you since I came home from quilt retreat last Thursday I managed to unpack and get things put away. That is a feat all onto itself! Did the laundry another thing finished,  and on Saturday promptly came down with the flu/cold bug. Three  boxes of Kleenex later,  today is the first day I have actually felt better. So, hopefully I'm on the mend----talk about wiped out, whatever this virus may be, it will take you down.

Yesterday I did  finish seaming the long diagonal center of the two sections of Easy Street. It is now officially a quilt top and I auditioned two pieces of turquoise Batik for the borders.

Amazing what a photo will reveal. Without the camera I had picked the second color (your right) for the border. Now, after the photo,  I like the first piece of turquoise fabric in the photo.  I also plan to add a small strip of purple sashing between the quilt top and the border. Every one who saw the quilt being pieced at retreat liked it----Maybe after it's quilted, I will too. I just want it to be finished.

Do you visit the Missouri Star Quilt Company website? Are you on their email list? I just recently joined their email listing.  I watched some of their tutorials (while sneezing and wheezing.) The Double Slice Layer Cake tutorial was one that caught my eye--- (along with many more).  I made this quilt top yesterday. Today I'll sew the blocks and borders together.

You've heard of those "week-end" quilts and thought oh-sure (wink-wink!). Well, the Double Slice Layer Cake could be a ONE day quilt. Really!

Kate Spain "Cuzco" Layer Cake is the fabric.  The Missouri Quilt Company is 'sold out', but if you like Cuzco you can Google and still find it online at several websites. I plan to quilt this with the Circle Lord "Cosmo" template board. I'll post when it's finished. I wanted to share that it's possible to make a quilt top and even get it quilted in one day using Jenny Doan's "Double Slice Layer Cake" tutorial.

You could also make your own layer cake squares. A layer cake is 42-10" inch squares of assorted fabrics.

There are so many more wonderful free tutorials on the Missouri Quilt Company's website.  Jenny is a great teacher!

I did come up with a blog title after all---- Not a totally wasted week.  Have a good weekend everyone. Stay well.


Deb said...

Angie you finished Easy Street just in time for her new one!! LOL I think the title was a little off, not so Easy but I love your quilt, my is still waiting to finish in a box I could not think of what to use for my last color it will come to me and then I will finish on one of my retreats.
Glad you are getting better you are right many people are getting this bug!

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

Definitely the turquoise on the left and your idea for a small purple border is perfect. Won't it be great to have this one finished and truly it is so pretty. I'm always so exhausted, in a good way, after retreat it takes me forever to recover. The price we pay for enjoying ourselves I guess. I love MSQC the tutorials are so fun to watch but I haven't bought any fabric from them yet.

Diane Perin said...

Glad you are feeling better, Angie... And I am loving your Easy Street choices.... Although maybe it's time for a new name?! Great to see you last week!

Purple Pam said...

Glad you are feeling better. I had the flu/virus? last month. It wiped me out also.

I am in love with the Missouri Star Quilt Company videos. I think Jenny Doan is a hoot, and a wonderful teacher. I like using the precuts, but unfortunately those quilts do not reduce my stash much! ROFLOL! The last quilt I made from MSQC videos was the Tea Bag/Cup/One Lump or Two quilt. MSQC has a new magazine, Quilting Quickly. In the magazine the quilt was titled, One Lump or Two. On the video it is the Tea Bag quilt, but AKA the Tea Cup quilt. All three titles are the same quilt using layer cakes. I have made two quilts already from that design, one quilt being a Halloween theme.

Purple Pam said...

Angie, I forgot to mention I like your color choice for your Easy Street (which was not SO easy). I am glad you persevered with this quilt. You are a trouper!

Also, the MSQC Tea Bag quilt is one that you can make in a day.

Barb and Sharon said...

Angie - hope you're better. I love the colours in your Easy Street quilt. Thanks for the tutorial reference. I have a Halloween layer cake I'm going to try it with.

Candace said...

I love your Easy Street, very happy and striking. I admired another quilt of yours years ago, your Trail Mix. I have the pattern in both the magazine and the book, been hanging onto them for several years, must have been about 2005 or 2006, just need to find them. Several ladies in the Stashbuster group are doing them this year, and I think I just might finally join in.