October 21, 2013

Magna Glides

Yesterday I started machine quilting on the long arm  and noticed I was getting low on pre wound bobbins.  My long arm uses L size bobbins.

I prefer to use Fil-Tec Magna Glide Delight prewounds
They come prewound with 72 yards of Glide thread
on a magnetic core. They are the most trouble free
prewound I have ever used, and they also combine well with 
any top threads I use which is usually Perma Core, or Superiors threads.  There are times I have felt guilty using these prewounds, and other quilters quite often  remark at the price, and that L size bobbins don't stitch very far, and other reasons why they do not  use pre wounds and wind their own bobbins.

I respectively disagree. I do a lot of machine quilting in a years time. Donation quilting, some quilting for a few close friends and my own quilts.
It has been almost a year and half since I've needed to reorder prewound bobbins. I think that  reflects that L pre wounds are worth it.  I did all this stippling and free motion quilting up the film strip border of this quilt top which is approx. 50" x 60" inches.,  and I still have a half of the med. grey pre wound on the bobbin.  This quilt will probably take approx. 4 prewounds doing Custom quilting.  Considering all the factors of perfect tension (magnetic core), lint free thread, and all the colors available--- and that my long arm "Polly" loves these pre wounds. The few cents more for these wonderful pre wounds is so worth it.

(above) The Magna Glide Delight stash
(below) Some of  magnetic cores for recycling back to Fil-Tec

The magnetic prewounds also come in cotton. 


Anonymous said...

I agree with you! These are my favorite bobbins. I need to place an order soon. I never want to be without them. I am spoiled :).

Shelley: the Dread Pirate Rodgers said...

Angie .. have you tried Glide *thread* yet? Oh my gosh ... I have a new love! Glide thread comes on 5000m (5500 yard) cones. It is utterly *awesome* to stitch with. The only place I can find it "locally" is at Sew So Shop in Yuba City, CA [787 Plumas Street, (530) 742-7626] They sell it for $8/cone + shipping. I just stocked up at PIQF.

This stuff is a trilobal polyester, similar to Superior's trilobals ... but at a significantly reduced price. What I love .. just LOVE .. about Glide is that it is has a softly burnished appearance, not high-sheen at all.

If you feel like trying one out, get their "Khaki". Isn't that just an awful name? I swear a man must have named it. It isn't "khaki" at all ... it's an Old Gold color and blends *beautifully* with everything. I used it on a Christmas quilt and honest-to-goodness, it looked like a low-luster metallic. Simply splendid.

I really enthusiastically endorse this thread! :-)

Bella Pink said...

You should also try the Military Gold color of Glide! It looks like metallic without the metallic problems. Gorgeous....arden

SeeingStars said...

I haven't tried pre-wounds yet, but not b/c I am opposed to them. I love this quilt's borders with the film and masks and popcorn. I'll scroll thru previous posts and see if you've shared a photo of the whole top.
Your quilting so far looks great!

Bonnie said...

I have had both good luck and bad luck with Magna Glides. I have one color that just doesn't work until I rewind it on my own bobbins. I started winding my own bobbins when I ran into that issue but have recently been using the prewounds I bought a while ago. I believe Glide thread is what is on the Magna Glide bobbins. Love all the colors you've got!

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

I agree that generally pre-wounds are worth the price especially if you have found a brand that does not give you trouble. Your time is worth quite a lot and we waste a good bit of time when we have thread issues. When you are machine embroidering do you also use pre-wound bobbins? I'm wondering if some of my tension issues could be because of the bobbin thread being wound too tight on the pre-wound bobbins. Any thoughts?