April 22, 2014

Being Productive

There are days I feel like a real "slug" in the sewing room. No motivation, no get up and go.  Lazy perhaps.  Or there are days I can get in a mood and not do one thing except eat and lay around.  Next time I get in one of these funks I'm going to be inspired by my friend Carolynn!

This box arrived this past week!

An abundance of fabric stash, some sleepless nights, and just simply being productive resulted in thirty- three, yep! I counted them! Thirty three adorable baby quilt tops! The plan is for them to be donated to our local quilt guilds Community Quilts program.

Here are some photos of the quilts. I wish I could photograph each quilt top. They are all so special, and made with lots of love!

Carolynn told me she does one top every night! 
So, next time I can't think of a thing to sew, I'll think of Carolynn sewing into the late evening piecing yet another baby quilt top. She told me she is making more! 

Carolynn at last years quilt retreat. I just noticed in this photo she is making another cute baby quilt top!
Thank you Carolynn for all the baby quilts! They will be appreciated!  and blessings to you dear friend. 


queenopearls said...

Holy Toledo!!! Carolyn is one prolific creator!
Thank you for sharing these and, like you, I have my "slug" days. I like to blame it on the day job but it's just me. :)
~Christina in Cleveland

Roma said...

Angie, I need some of what your friend Carolyn has!! All the tops are so bright and cheery.
You will not be without tops to quilt..

Purple Pam said...

What a wonderful friend. Carolyn is such a prolific patchworker. One baby quilt each night, and such bright, cheerful colors. She is a treasure, and you are a treasure to quilt all these quilts for Carolyn.