April 21, 2014

On the Long Arm

Someone asked if I had sewn in the new sewing room yet----yes, I sure have!  It's wonderful!  I sat and put all the borders on Easy Street, pieced the backing and loaded it onto the long arm.  All that took me most of the afternoon. Whew!   This quilt has become much larger than I anticipated, and just barely fits onto my 96" leaders…it's 94" inches square. I sure hope I can keep it rolling evenly with just a tad of space at each side….. the batting and backing are just about even with the quilt top…not a good thing, but I'm thinking when I trim and square it I'll take off about a half inch around the whole quilt. Hopeful here.

I'm using a pantograph, "Fanfare", from Urban Elementz with Lime Green thread. I hope to make some  serious progress today if I don't get caught up in yard stuff.  It's hard to stay indoors when it's so beautiful outside. I have plants waiting to be potted.

"Polly" didn't miss a beat considering she has been sitting idle for months while the sewing room remodel happened and she was stacked with boxes and fabric and books and who knows what else.

Dusted her off, squirted some oil in all the right places, pushed  the "on" switch, and off we went. This really is an amazing machine----and I'm so thankful to have it to finish my quilts.

 Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt---"Easy Street" loaded and starting to quilt  the"Fanfare" pantograph.

Happy Monday everyone!


Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

That is one gorgeous quilt and I know you'll be glad to put paid to this project. What a relief to be able to get back to your regular sewing/quilting routine. I know what you mean though the outdoors are calling my name too. This is the time of year when I seem to feel the most creative and have the least time what a conundrum.

~Deb Lindley said...

WOW, Angie - Polly looks sooo wonderful ALL spiffed up and back to quilting in your gorgeous new quilting studio...stunning! (Love how your Easy Street turned out, too, I 'still' need to finish mine - it's on my 2014 bucket list ;-)

Happy Quilting - do I really need to write that, what's not to be HaPpy about in that new studio of yours?!