July 20, 2014

Past Due---New Bakeware

After 25 years of baking in the what had turned into grungy, stained, warped and sometime blackened bakeware, I splurged on everything new last week.

I bought two new AirBake cookie sheets,  an AirBake oblong cake pan,  two Chicago Cookware round cake pans, one 12 x 16" raised edge AirBake pan, one Wilton square pan and one Calaphon loaf pan.

Years ago I had AirBake cookie sheets that I loved! I never burnt a cookie with those pans. They baked everything so well. I hope the new ones are as good as I remember. Maybe I'll test (tempt)--bake this afternoon.

The Chicago cookware round cake pans are very nice, even though they are not the Airbake brand. They are thick and heavy so should cook very evenly. Love dark pans for cornbread!

So, I'm set for the upcoming holiday baking.  

Last March we replaced our 35 yr. old vintage GE  range with this convection beauty in GE's new color, Slate.  Love it!

The oven is so large I can fit in two cookie sheet, the oblong baking pan, the square baking pan and a loaf pan!
Life is Good!


onlymehere said...

Does the slate color show the fingerprints as much as stainless? I'm going to need a new appliance or two in the next couple of years (my budget hopes later than sooner). Hooray for new bakeware! It's always more fun when it's new and I'm more willing to be creative...I don't know why!

Diane Perin said...

hi, Angie, how great for you to update your bakeware -- and I agree, those cookie pans are fantastic. You definitely have to break these in before the holidays!

Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

All new bakeware, you are planning ahead! I can smell all the wonderful goodies already. Your stove looks wonderful. I love my double wall ovens they were a real plurge for me about 15 years ago, one is a convection oven and I truly love that thing. Now I can't do without it.

Purple Pam said...

What a wonderful new stove. I love your bakeware, too. I bought some new cookie sheets a few months ago and they are great. My old ones were 30 yrs old or more. Why do we wait so long to purchase new equipment that would make our lives so much easier?