September 13, 2014

Pin Cushion Organizer & Burp Clothes---What a Combination!

I am easily distracted in the sewing room as I've mentioned before.  Especially when I start to get bored with a project. Right now it's the "Homestead" quilt sashings & borders that are getting tiresome.

It's is the repetitiveness at this point. However, it is looking more "together" now.  I can hardly wait to start piecing all the parts of the quilt.   

I  browse around on the internet in the mornings between checking all the chat forums, and I find some of the neatest projects to tempt me. 

A fun and very useful project.  I of course decided to use an embroidery design that took approx. 90 mins and lots of thread changes for the four sides of my organizer.   This turned out to not be the quick project I had anticipated. At least not the embroidery part of it. The actual construction did go relatively fast though.

Then I found this perfect patterns for Baby Burp Clothes on Deby's "sew-so easy" Blog, and once again I was sidetracked. I used flannel and terry cloth.  Are these not the cutest? and so soft!

I did manage to finish all the corner "star" motifs and one sashing on the embroidery machine for the quilt today.


Unknown said...

Cute little burp clothes.

Gayle in AZ said...

I made six dozen burp cloths for my twin grandsons when they were born last Feb. I made my own pattern similar in shape to the one you used, except mine is curved inward on both sides - like a peanut. I used cotton flannel on both sides with a soft, medium loft batting between the layers. My son said these were the most useful gift they received for the babies!