September 22, 2014

Salem Ruler

I can't recall ever mentioning the easy squaring Salem Ruler, but thought everyone who quilts needs this ruler!  I just finished quilting this queen size quilt for my friend, Joyce, and I like to clean up the edges before I give the quilts back.  This is where the Salem Ruler works so well.

It makes it so easy to square up the corners and edges.  Ages ago one of our quilt guild members mentioned she would do group order of these rulers, and not thinking too much about it back then, I said, O.K. order me one… what's one more ruler, right?  Now I can't function without this ruler---it is one of those indispensable tools you just never think about until you start using it.

Joyce's Quilt


Unknown said...

Love your beautiful quilt! Looks like that ruler does a good job for squaring up. (

Purple Pam said...

Trimming down and squaring up a quilt is a challenging activity for me. I wish I had a large table I could spread a quilt out completely. I can make square corners, but that does not necessarily mean my quilt is square!