January 15, 2016

Touching Base---

I thought I would post some photos of projects I completed, and a few works in progress just so you know I am still alive and well in the New Year! Most were gift's for Christmas, and The Salem Witch Quilt Guild #1 panel hand embroidery is ongoing.  

My New Year's goal is to work on UFO projects. Open some of those containers that have projects in them, and either finish them or give them away. Some containers have collections of future projects. Like the pattern, fabric and thread in them, but I've never started the project. So, I can put the fabric and thread back into my stash, and get rid of the pattern. Or decide if I want to start another UFO! LOL! 


Dogwood Lane Rambles said...

The Salem witch panel looks amazing - I love it! I recognize some San Francisco Stitch Co. projects which are so pretty and the snowmen are super cute too. Sounds like you have a good plan for those UFOs so you go girl!

Purple Pam said...

Angie: I am doing the Salem Witch Guild project also. I have my panel drawn, but I have not started coloring it or stitching it yet. I like your idea of clearing out UFOs. In September I did some of that. I found a couple of kits and UFOs that I donated to our guild's Camp Stitches event. Two weeks after that event I was talking to a guilting friend and we realized she bought one of my UFOs and was in the process of finishing it and donating the quilt to our Community Quilts group. She was also using some of the left over fabrics in another project. I love knowing that one of my donated items will be finished and the left over fabrics will be used in another project.