January 18, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I didn't get much exercise this week as spent more time in my sewing room than I usually do getting ready for "Design Wall Monday". I did want to show I was sincere about participating and make some progress.

I'm one of "Jenny's Girls", and my counselor was not as impressed with my sewing as an excuse for inactivity as I was, considering I didn't lose even one ounce this week! I've been hitting the sewing room bright and early and then somehow never getting back to to my exercise routine. Excuses, excuses.( I know!)--- Normally I exercise before I do anything else. Not this past week! I can see that this part of my daily routine and Design Wall Monday has got to change already---no more sitting and sewing for hours, drinking coffee, listening to my favorite tunes and generally sludging-out before I break a sweat with those stretchy bands!

I have joined the Heartstrings, and considering how many strips of fabric I have cut and stored over the past year, this should work out perfectly. I have cut and collected bins of 1.5", 2", 2.5- stripes & strings since I became enamored with Bonnie Hunter's scrap storage system. But, honestly, I haven't made much using all these strips and strings I've been cutting up until now. I'm finally going to make use of it all! It's going to be fun seeing how many String Quilts I can make from all these strips! (These are just a few of the strip bins.)

This is what's on the design wall today:

24 String quilt blocks.

And more progress on the Lil Bits~ "Diamond Log Cabin" wallhanging.

I have both of my sewing machines set up. When I get tired of paper piecing on the wallhanging with my Babylock. I have the open toe foot installed on it----Then I switch over to the other side of the sewing table and sew string quilt blocks with the Janome 6600. I keep the Accufeed foot attached on it just for sewing on the strips of fabric to the muslin base fabric. Loving that Janome Accufeed system for this type of piecing. Normally this machine does not get such a work out. It is this week!


Diane said...

still loving the paper piecing your working on. I've been a slug about my daily walk-I got out of the habit and then the weather got nasty...yep excuses, excuses. If only my good intentions counted!

Kathie said...

Wow that diamond quilt is going to be really special.

kathie L.

Debra said...

I love watching the paper pieced project grow.

I cleaned out two bins like that over the holidays. If you get tired of the heartstring squares, the rectangles and log cabins work up fast too, and give you a little change of pace. Keep up the good work ;-)

Ivani said...

The string blocks are great. I worked on my strings too, and I am never bored with so relaxing blocks,
Good to know you joined the Heart String, it is a good cause to help with.
Love to see your progress with the paper piecing wall quilt. See you on the next design wall . Hugs - Ivani in Brazil

Purple Pam said...

Your Diamond Log Cabin quilt is going to be fabulous. I love the colors. I have 20 Heartstrings blocks on my sewing table waiting for more blocks to be made. I love seeing all your string scraps in those bins.

Jen said...

Your diamond log cabin is coming along beautifully.

Mary Johnson said...

That's a perfect idea, going back and forth between a fussy project and a mindless one.

I'm thinking it will take a lot of string quilts to use up those tubs...I've pieced blocks for 4 since November and don't see a dent yet.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Stunning diamond quilt. I bought the Janome 6600 a year ago and I LOVE it and have my accufeed foot on all the time. Great string blocks.

osmgreasemonkey said...

The string quilt blocks are so beautiful. My grandmother made five string quilts many decades ago, and I was lucky enough to receive one of them. It has been loved to death, beyond repair, too fragile to use anymore, but I keep it for sentimental reasons.