January 02, 2010

Donation Quilting

I finished the quilting on these two beautiful donation quilt tops this past week. A lot of great Star blocks were made by this group of quilters!

I used some more of that 80/20 new Legacy batting (nice batting!)--- and Superior So-Fine thread in the bobbin with Superior LAVA on the top and a light blue Perma Core cotton on one of the quilt tops.

This is a new pantograph I wanted to try. I think I'm going to use it a lot! It's a larger motif than what I expected. A Traditional Baptist Fan by Kathie James. 13" double rows. I moved the back handles on "Polly" and angled them all the way down to the base of the carriage. Now I can rest my hands on the top of the handles and it seems much easier ergonomically to move the laser and carriage in this position than having my hands and arms slanted 'up'. The frame handles just move with exerted pressure so I can set them at any angle. Nice feature!

I did swirly-curly on this quilt top and wavy stitch in the ditch down the connecting seam lines. I tried to do stitch in the ditch around the main motif, but the sashing strips varied from 1-2/2" inches at one end of the strip on some blocks to 2" or more inches at the other end so it was frequently difficult to "hit the ditch" all the way along the seam. I should have "wiggled" all the seams instead.

I'm just finishing up the binding.


Debra said...

Nice job Angie.

Mary Johnson said...

They both look lovely. I esp. love the curls in the friendship blocks.

Linda in TX said...

Angie - These turned out really nicely. I really like the baptist fan panagraph. And I agree with you 100% on your original comments about donation quilts. I do lots of Linus quilts from start to finish and I'm very careful with my techniques when making them cuz that's the right thing to do. But easy for me to say - I only quilt for myself. I don't want people's yuck to quilt! Love hearing from you on the group and am always in your corner!

Purple Pam said...

Beautiful quilting on those quilts. Great job. I like the Baptist Fan design.

Angie said...

Just beautiful. I am just in awe! I love it!!!