March 05, 2010

Shape Up

Here's my new way of exercising! (you do know I will try anything to get out of exercising!) These are truly the ultimate proof of that!

Sketchers new shoes. "Shape Ups"!  Supposedly they are designed to promote weight loss, strengthen the back, firm calf and buttock muscles, reduce cellulite and tone the thighs, increase cardiovascular health, improve posture and reduce stress to knees and ankle joints. Now they invent these!

Where have they been all my life? When I really needed them? To think I spent all that money at the gym! Not to mention the spa, the chiropractors, the cellulite lotions and the blood pressure pills I could have avoided if I had these shoes!-----aaarrgh!

Huh!---Sure sounds almost too good to be true.

Oh-well---Actually I didn't buy them for all those reasons, but hey! I will take the perks that go along with the comfort. And they are very comfortable! Now days, I'm more into comfort than those other things they claim to do anyway.

They are especially cushy-cushy while standing and moving along the front of the long arm. That's a plus! or just walking---period. They sort of feel like your walking on marshmallows! 

 I did notice after wearing them around the house and walking outside yesterday my legs were a little sore this a.m. So, they must do some of the things they claim. (or I'm in really worse shape than I thought!)  They are  however strictly flat surface walking shoes. No rough terrain, walking on rocks,  or hiking on the hill with these. The "rocker" soles are just not suited for that.  You could tip over! 

There is a subtle feeling that your body is attempting to maintain a level of balance as you  walk around in the Shape Ups due to the way the sole is made on them. 

They are not inexpensive, but I scored a 30% off coupon at Kohl's yesterday and couldn't pass them up. I've been seeing ads for these shoes and had to satisfy my curiosity. Now to see if I they really help lose that last 5 lbs. that refuses to budge from the old bod. 

I really doubt these shoes will replace my exercycle,  but every little bit helps---right!  


Unknown said...

I bought a pair of the Shape ups back in November I think. Really like them as far as comfort. Not really sure they help body wise! lol Maybe if I cut out the junk food they would help!

onlymehere said...

Let us know how they work for the long-haul. I have such trouble buying shoes that work for me so I'm really curious about these.

AMIT said...

So do you do exercise on regular basis?

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Mary Johnson said...

I bought a pair of them too and they are cushiony. I find that my legs ache if I don't wear shoes with support when I'm quilting.