March 19, 2010

Walk in the Woods

I took some garden clippings down to the brush pile we have down in the woods.  On the way down through the trail I saw -----

an old log that is decomposing filled with Forget Me Knot spreading across the ground.

A lovely shade of blue in the late afternoon sun. I guess deer don't care for the taste of Forget Me Knot.  


On they way back up to the house I spotted this colorful fellow sunbathing. Pictures reveal  so much the eye does not see.  The pattern of his lizard skin, and the beautiful turquoise along the ridge of his back.  

The fresh Rosemary outside the back door is in full bloom.  Spring has arrived on Timber Hill.

(click on pics. to see details)


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures Angie, and the lizard is a killer shot! What gorgeous detail you caught!

Christine said...

Neat lizard, mom!