June 12, 2010

Baby Quilt

Determined to do at least one quilting project yesterday after the quilt funk posting I completed this baby quilt that has been collecting dust. After resetting some upper tension for King Tut thread on the long arm it was smooth sailing. I really like the look of this 40 wt. variegated thread from Superior. This thread is #917- Pharaohs Tales. If you want to emphasize your quilting---this thread definitely achieves that "focus on the thread" look. (click on the picture for maximum thread view) ! Yep, see what I mean about thread emphasis!

I used So-Fine in the bobbin as usual. Someone recently asked how many bobbins do you use for an average quilt. (four most of the time) For this large baby quilt I wound two bobbins and had thread left over.

I free motion quilted some leaves on the borders, circles (of sorts)---in the inner border, and large meander in the middle section. I also experimented with my new Pfaff's Bi-Level foot to machine stitch on the binding. It worked quite well in that I hit the ditch on the back most of the way. Once I get the hang of all the needle position setting, and forget about sewing on the binding using a quarter inch like I always have, this may be my new favorite method to attach quilt binding---ever!


Amy said...

What a cute baby quilt. Good job on the stitching! I love King Tut thread.

Hilda said...

I've been doing bindings totally by machine for a long time now. I use invisible thread in the bobbin so if I don't line up to the seam on the bottom, it doesn't show. The other thing I recently discovered was using the zipper foot to topstitch it down. I like to hit right on the edge of the fold, and before trying the zipper foot, I frequently would miss my target.

Purple Pam said...

Glad you are moving out of the "funk". Great baby quilt.

Abby and Stephanie said...

What a happy quilt! I do love King Tut thread.