June 24, 2010

A Little of This, and a Little of That

I can't believe it's Thursday already, or July is just around the corner. Where has the week gone. It's cold here tonight, so I'm not sure if Summer has truly arrived. Our grand daughter Amanda has been spending time with us since school let out early in June, and we have been working on some crafty projects together. Today we had fun making these stepping stones. These are kits from Michael's Crafts. They include the form, the bits of glass, and the concrete mix. Now that we have the hang of it, we are planning to do a few more with rocks, and we will be scouting the thrift shops looking for some china dishes we can break into mosaic bits.

Another quilt is completed for the new baby our niece is expecting any day --
It's the same quilt pattern as the one I made a few weeks ago for our nephews baby. Just the quilting is a bit different.

I've also loaded a quilt top onto the long arm. It's a quilt top I received from JoAnn for Quilts of Valor. I've been looking at it for a few days while it's hanging on the frame trying to decide what to quilt on it. So far, I've put some stars and loops on the top border, and did some line dancing up and around the blue strips that circle around the center star. I haven't decided what to quilt in the middle of the blocks --- yet.

Amanda and I also started the Hot Diggity Dog quilt last week. A pattern I picked up at our local quilt show. Amanda traced all the dachunds, and picked out the fabrics. I cut, Amanda presses. We're making progress. It's looking cute!

Bill's been cutting up wood and restocking the wood sheds getting a jump start on winter. We may actually have a fire in the morning as it's predicted to get down to 44 degrees before morning.


Purple Pam said...

Your baby quilt is darling. It sounds like you are having fun with your granddaughter. Those dachshunds are so cute.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Those dogs are super cute! Love the plaids.

onlymehere said...

We've had an awfully cool summer too. I haven't even pulled out all the fans yet which is so unusual for this time of year. I'm not complaining though as we don't have central air! The quilt is adorable and I think it's really fun that you have your little visitor with you for awhile. I miss my fireplace and could almost smell the fire and hear it crackling when I saw your load of wood!