June 11, 2010

In a Quilting Funk!

I haven't been blogging because I'm in such a funk about a mistake I made cutting out over a 100 half square triangles the wrong size for Judy's Memorial Day quilt a few weeks ago....See the stacks of dark blue and red and the white print and blue 3" half square triangles? So neat and perfectly squared. They are supposed to be (sigh) 3-1/2" inches! Up until yesterday I just didn't even want to think about sewing or quilting. I 've been so bummed redoing these. If this was not a quilt I really-truly wanted to make for someone special--I would call it quits. I was up early today and am cutting some new strips of the required fabrics and starting all over again. I should have made one entire block first.---If I had did this right off, I would have found my cutting mistake....(sigh). Lesson learned.

I did get all my June block of the month "Pies & Tarts" fabrics cut into little pie wedges, and separated into baggies and ready to go, and I've even made a few of the pie circles. I had decided on the Civil War block of the month as I couldn't find any pictures of a whole red & white Pies & Tart quilt. I thought I would stick with what I could see! The shop sent me the wrong fabric kit for the first block of the month. It's the red and white fabric kit, not the civil war kit. I liked the fabrics so much I called them and told them to continue sending the red and white Pies & Tart series. Lucious colors and fabrics! I've never english paper pieced and I'm having a wonderful time learning. I also found this cute child's purse and keep all my paper piecing stuff in baggies stored inside the various purse compartments. Works great!

I do have this quilt on the long arm, collecting dust. Maybe this afternoon I'll get inspired---I needed to play with thread tension because I switched to King Tut which always throws my tension slightly off for some reason. (mine and the machine's). I think I fixed it yesterday, so now I need to get inspired with a quilting design. A child's quilt, hmmm--- maybe just a nice meander will do.

I'm retracing some lines back onto my redwork project. I've been working on this for ages, and my reference lines have started to fade. I'm doing a ton of french knots in the upper left corner so I think I need to be semi accurate. If I were to sit down and totally concentrate on stitching this for a week, and only this, I would have it finished and ready to quilt. What a concept! LOL!

On the design wall, but with very little progress is this.

I'm hoping that recutting the new strips for the half square triangles for the Memorial Day quilt will jump start me into action. I sure need to get some things finished.


Diane said...

AGGGG! that's so frustrating, and can really 'knock the wind outa ya' for sure!

Mary Beth said...

Of course you know I'm in a quilting funk most of the time lately. However, I'm inspired just looking at your projects!! the red and white is awesome, I would have kept that one too. Get going on these quilts, you are going to do a beautiful job, I just know it!!

Anonymous said...

Arghhhh!! Isn't that miserable? Been there, done that. But you can put them in another quilt. How's old the saying go? When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I learned that other old adage, measure twice cut once, some where along the way and then again from my late father-in-law who was a contractor.

Purple Pam said...

I am so sorry about your cutting mistake. I have made my share of cutting mistakes, too. It is an awful feeling when you discover what you have done! I hope you can persevere with this quilt.