July 14, 2010

Projects Galore!

Here are two pretty donation quilt tops my friend Linda made. It's fun to drape them across the long arm so that as I pass by I can admire them---and hopefully be inspired with ideas for what design to quilt on them. The one on the right is a pastel Chinese Coin top, and I don't know if you can this in the picture, but those are cute red & white striped basket blocks.

The design wall has the uncompleted doggie blocks. We are auditioning sashing, and also a few completed pie & tarts are up in the corner. I have plans to do a variation on a whole-cloth quilt with the large machine embroidery birth announcement Amanda completed for me last week, and the blocks you see pinned together have no room to spread out on the design wall...yet. I think I need a bigger design wall! or I better get busy and complete at least one of the projects hanging there don't- cha-think.


Holly Kiker said...

yayyy for quilting with Grammy! Go Amanda Go!! I remember the days! ahh

Michelle said...

Those doggie blocks are adorable!

Quilter Kathy said...

Love your doggie blocks! And the circles look like they will become something fun!